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Infographic: Cows cause climate change? Agriculture scientist says ‘belching bovines’ get too much blame

A recent interview by Caroline Stocks, a UK journalist who writes about food, agriculture and the environment, of air quality ...
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Viewpoint: ‘It’s. Not. The. Cow. Farts.’ Burger King pulls ‘Cows Menu’ climate change ad

You’ve probably seen Burger King’s latest marketing video featuring Wal-Mart yodeler Mason Ramsey singing about methane emissions from cow farts ...
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Viewpoint: Animal agriculture is growing more sustainable, so don’t blame it for climate change

Simply put, U.S. cattle aren’t the major driver of climate change. So Americans can feel good about whatever kind of ...

Viewpoint: How New Zealand’s biotech ‘science deniers’ hinder effort to fight climate change with GMO ryegrass

Methane abatement efforts are important. Let's get the reporting right ...
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Fighting climate change with gene editing: Can we slash cows’ methane production?

Preventing ruminant methane from being produced in the first place seems a sensible way to limit its damaging effects ...
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