The truth about the COVID vaccines: Everything you need to know about the fastest vaccines ever developed

The truth about the COVID vaccines: Everything you need to know about the fastest vaccines ever developed

The COVID-19 vaccine was developed faster than any other vaccine in history, which has caused some concern to those that ...

Testing irony: Explosion in new COVID-19 infections could speed up vaccine development

More than 20 coronavirus vaccines are in human testing, according to the World Health Organization. So far, small, early studies of most ...
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Vaccine danger? Rare complications after getting a shot could increase severity of COVID-19

Vaccines are designed to produce immune-system agents, including antibodies, that lock onto a virus and thereby neutralize it. In cases ...
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Vaccine ‘durability’: COVID-19 immunizations coming soon but will they last?

As the days unfold with a seeming sameness in this odd summer of the pandemic, news of vaccine clinical trials ...
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Vaccine race accelerates, as Moderna-NIH partnership drug induces immune responses in all Phase 1 volunteers

[E]arly results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine on [July 14], showed that [Moderna’s COVID-19] vaccine worked to ...
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First COVID-19 vaccines on track to arrive late 2020, faster than thought possible

Three companies with funding from the US government—AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna—are on track to distribute the first commercial ...

3 experimental COVID-19 vaccines set for critical testing phase this summer

The federal government plans to fund and conduct the decisive studies of three experimental coronavirus vaccines starting this summer, according ...
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Adverse reactions in COVID-19 vaccine trial illustrates rocky road to developing therapies for diverse populations

Patients in clinical trials are usually faceless. But as the experimental Covid-19 vaccine being developed by Moderna Therapeutics has begun ...
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Moderna announces July clinical trials after experimental coronavirus vaccine shows promising early results

Moderna, the Massachusetts biotechnology company behind a leading effort to create a coronavirus vaccine, announced promising early results from its ...
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Video: What are the chances that Moderna’s experimental coronavirus vaccine will work?

A vaccine for COVID-19 has entered Phase 1 of clinical trials in Seattle. How was it made? And how likely ...
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First experimental vaccine for coronavirus ready for human testing

Moderna has become the first company to release a potential coronavirus vaccine, with the Boston-based biotech start-up announcing on Monday ...
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