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Recreating evolution: Human gene triggers bigger brains in monkeys

Researchers in Germany and Japan introduced a human-specific gene to the fetuses of common marmosets, Callithrix jacchus. In turn, that ...
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Language evolved 25 million years ago, monkey brain study suggests

Curious about how people started talking, researchers from the UK scanned the monkey species and the brains of the people ...
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Searching for genetic answers: What makes monkeys different from humans?

Less than 50 of our 20,000 genes are unique to humans. What separates us from monkeys? ...

Is gender identity fluid or fixed? What we know about other animals might help inform the debate.

Distinguishing between sex and gender is a vital first step in understanding gender identity ...
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China’s latest ‘ethical mess’: Cloning diseased gene-edited monkeys

Chinese researchers have cloned five gene-edited monkeys with a host of genetic disease symptoms, according to two scientific papers published ...
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