mycotoxin corn

Viewpoint: Greenpeace lobbies to ban fungicides that kill cancer-causing mycotoxins

A vast network of organizations, including known players such as Greenpeace, are throwing a myriad of unscientific publications at the ...
mycotoxin corn

Viewpoint: Proposed EU fungicide ban would sabotage efforts to curb global food contamination

One of the biggest dangers to our food supply comes from mold through a process that’s all-too-natural. Mold thrives in ...

Podcast: How technology keeps cancer-causing mycotoxins out of our food

Here's a question for you: what if there were dangerous toxins that could make their way into your food, but ...
corn combine

Does GMO corn increase crop yields? 21 years of data confirm it does—and provides substantial health benefits

While many studies show that genetically modified crops contribute to yield gains, GMO critics say that they don’t. Such claims, ...
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