COVID is definitely airborne – Here’s what that means for you

The Centers for Disease Control revised its COVID-19 guidelines on [October 5] to include that the novel coronavirus can be spread through ...
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Vaccine distribution logistics, not vaccine development, may pose highest hurdle to achieving COVID herd immunity

Importantly, creating the vaccine is just one step. We then need to distribute it. Because while vaccinating everyone is impossible, ...

The bubonic plague sparked cultural and technological transformation. What might come from COVID?

Europe was in the grips of history's deadliest pandemic, the Black Death. This, too, likely originated in China and followed ...
insect repellent skin protection against tick and royalty free image

Mosquito relief: Grapefruit-scented natural insect repellent with nootkatone heading to stores

The Environmental Protection Agency announced that it had approved a new ingredient, called nootkatone, that repels and kills mosquitoes and ticks ...
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‘America’s Frontline Doctors’? Who are the far-right PACs funding ‘quack’ MDs that recommend ‘no masks’ and ‘use hydroxychloroquine’?

[T]he latest video to go viral from apparent experts, quietly backed by dark money political organizations, [evangelized] treatments for or ...
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Infants not at risk for COVID-19? One Texas county alone has had 85 cases, most under 1

The public health director in Nueces County on the Texas Gulf Coast said 85 children under 2 years old, including ...
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Video: There were objections to Spanish flu lockdowns too. Bad things happened when critics got their way

During the Spanish flu era, officials pushing public health mandates to stop the pandemic in its tracks were met with ...
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