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‘Hero of progress’: How agronomist Norman Borlaug almost banished famine from Asia

Norman Borlaug’s work undeniably changed the world for the better ...
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Viewpoint: Norman Borlaug knew technology could fight hunger. In the biotech age, we ignore his wisdom at our peril

Borlaug’s brilliant insights were double-cropping and dwarfing, his incredible focus and hard work are a matter of record, and then ...

Podcast: Norman Borlaug a hero? Spread coronavirus for herd immunity? CRISPR v. agroecology

Norman Borlaug's Green Revolution saved an estimated billion people from starvation, but critics contend his work brought severe environmental and ...
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PBS documentary profiles Norman Borlaug and his ‘Green Revolution’: It fed billions but critics claim unintended consequences

The Man Who Tried to Feed the World tells the story of Norman Borlaug, an American agronomist who won the ...

Viewpoint: The ‘assault on science’ and human welfare by eco-activists who reject agricultural technology as ‘corporate subterfuge’

a dangerous anti-science mindset is cementing itself into our problem-based policy approaches ...

Reexamining the agricultural ‘Green Revolution’: Did Norman Borlaug really save a billion people from starvation?

A memorable episode of The West Wing....features a President Nimbala of a fictive African republic.  Nimbala holds forth at a press ...
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What are the Challenges Facing Modern Farming Around the World?

Mary Boote, Chief Executive Officer of the GlobalFarmer Network | June 12, 2018Highlights: Agricultural biotech solutions are being denied to ...
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