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Viewpoint: Telescoping coronavirus vaccine testing and approval timelines exposes all of us to unnecessary dangers

We all hope for a rapid end to the pandemic and an effective vaccine would be a surefire solution. But ...
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Is speed more important than safety? Operation Warp Speed triggers public fears regulators are cutting coronavirus vaccine corners

"I'm a bit concerned to see there's a fair amount of skepticism in the American public about whether or not ...
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‘It’s been so chaotic’: US government ‘Operation Warp Speed’ may not be focusing on developing the most promising COVID-19 vaccines

When the news broke [June 3] that Operation Warp Speed had selected five experimental COVID-19 vaccines to fast-track through testing ...
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Viewpoint: Believing that we’ll have a COVID-19 vaccine anytime soon is naive

The odds that we will have a safe, effective vaccine by January are vanishingly small ...
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