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New ‘super weed’ crisis emerging? Dicamba herbicide failing to stop growth of Palmer amaranth pigweed in greenhouses experiments

University of Tennessee weed scientist Larry Steckel has spent the past two months coaxing Palmer amaranth weeds to grow from ...
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How the pigweed Palmer amaranth became a ‘super weed’—and what it tells us about preventing herbicide resistance

Bound up with the bad news of super weeds is good news for farmers -- a window of opportunity ...
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New bacteria-based bioherbicide controls glyphosate-resistant weeds in field trials

Marrone Bio Innovations [November 12] ....  announced positive results for the 2019 field trials for its novel bioherbicide, known as ...
New Superweeds now resist Monsantos Roundup

Could gene drive technology eradicate glyphosate-resistant weeds?

Waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, two aggressive weeds that threaten the food supply in North America, are increasingly hard to kill ...
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First case of dicamba, 2,4-D herbicide resistance detected in hard-to-control Palmer amaranth weed population

Kansas State University (KSU) weed scientists have confirmed a Palmer amaranth population that resists the synthetic auxin (Group 4) herbicides ...
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