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What do medical experts say about Black NFL players’ lawsuit claiming discrimination on dementia diagnoses

The question of adjusting cognitive test scores arose this week when two Black former NFL players filed a lawsuit alleging that the ...

Here’s how to join a COVID-19 vaccine trial

Vaccine makers are going to need thousands of volunteer testers over the next few months. As with any clinical trial, ...

Myocarditis and potential heart damage caused by COVID may be biggest challenge to resuscitating college sports

A small but growing body of evidence shows that COVID-19 can damage the heart, sometimes fatally, even in a previously ...

Who gets the first vaccines? Elderly? Front-line workers? Vulnerable minorities?

Someone will have to decide which of the world’s 7.8 billion people gets first crack at returning to a more ...
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Challenges containing massive inflammation that often accompanies COVID-19

[Brett] Breslow was suffering from a massive bout of inflammation — a catch-all description for the damage in many of ...

How will fall sports fare during the pandemic? Few remember the 1968 Hong Kong flu roiled football and basketball

A virus scything through locker rooms all over the East Coast, infecting the NBA’s most respected player, forcing one college ...
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Heavy drinking, alcoholism are ‘not the same thing’, genetic study shows

A huge analysis of drinking patterns among veterans has found genetic distinctions between heavy drinkers and alcoholics, according to a ...
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New IQ test for pro athletes promises dynamic assessment of ‘sports-specific’ abilities

[T]he Athletic Intelligence Quotient, a test that measures an athlete’s sports-specific cognitive abilities [took] a while to build. Nearly 15 ...
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How long can top athletes maintain that ‘elite’ status?

Think of the veteran baseball slugger who is good at guessing what type of pitch is coming. Or the aging ...
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