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‘Humans often do dumb things’: ‘Unsettling similarities’ between responses to COVID-19 and the flea-driven 14th century black death

The flea-driven plague, also known as the “Great Mortality,” overran Eurasia and North Africa from 1347 to 1353, killing tens ...
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Podcast: From the Black Death to COVID-19—Investigating the ancient war between genes and disease

Kat Arney looks at the ancient war between our genes and the pathogens that infect us, from the Black Death ...

Russia birthplace of 500-year Black Death plague, genetic analysis suggests

The Black Death was only the beginning. Countless millions perished in this terrible early wave – an estimated 60 percent of Europe ...

Black death plague is back; Correction it never left, thanks to evolution

Yes, the dreaded plague still haunts it. Why? Because as with any species, the bacteria that cause the disease have ...
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