meat eaters vs vegans

Viewpoint: Animals vs plants? Stop fighting about where your protein comes from and eat a balanced diet

With a feeling of uncertainty infiltrating our lives lately, many of us are looking for concrete information to help us ...
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Canada’s demand for GMO Impossible Burger grows as consumers cut meat from diets

Responding to “overwhelming demand” in Canada, the Impossible Burger will be available this year in a wider variety of restaurants ...
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Edible plant-based vaccines could help quash infectious diseases in poor countries

Edible plant-based vaccines were developed to become part of the solution to address the possible hazards associated with the parenteral ...
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Lightlife urges Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods to drop ‘hyper-processed ingredients, GMOs’ from plant-based burgers

About a year ago, Lightlife President Dan Curtin challenged his team to make the cleanest plant-based burger they could create, ...
2-4-2019 breafast tostada

Vegan eggs, lab-grown beef jerky and 10 other alternative proteins we could be eating soon

[On August 11], Big Idea Ventures (BIV) announces the launch of its second food technology accelerator program in New York City ...
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‘Greenwashing’: Does plant-based marketing mislead consumers about sustainability?

"Greenwashing” is the term used to describe the promotion of a product based on misleading claims of superiority to other ...
impossible foods makes east coast retail debut after successful launch in california wrbm large

GMO Impossible beef hits 1,000 new grocery stores as plant-based meat demand surges

Starting [April 17], 777 supermarkets in California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Nevada [began] stocking the Impossible Foods plant-based meat substitute ...

Biotech-powered, plant-based seafood poised to cut overfishing, pollution and ‘food fraud’

Plant-based seafood specialist Kuleana is targeting seafood and sushi lovers with what it describes as the ‘next generation of raw ...
Cheese DNA

Lab-grown dairy proteins could make vegan cheese as good as the real thing

Vegan cheese isn’t what it used to be. The products of yesteryear had a reputation for being plastic-y slices with ...
raw milk

US Senate coalition petitions FDA to end marketing of plant-based ‘imposter products’ as dairy

A bipartisan group of senators is calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to end the labeling of plant-based ...
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US grocery stores roll out private label plant-based beef to compete with Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods

Cashing in on rising demand for imitation meat, major retailers including Kroger and Walmart recently began to carry Beyond Meat’s ...

Podcast: Turning mushrooms into bacon (and other cool stuff) to boost sustainability

Today John Cumbers [founder and CEO of SynBioBeta] talks with Eben Bayer, CEO and Co-Founder of the biomaterials company Ecovative ...
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Restaurants struggling to keep up with demand for Impossible Burger, alternative ‘meats’

There is no better illustration of the pent-up demand for alternatives to meat ...
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