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Medicine for plants: Stomach infection drug protects vital food crops from deadly pathogens

Scientists from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and the University of the State of Paraná in Brazil have discovered that ...
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Tomato plants kill their own cells to fight infection

When a plant senses an invading pathogen, it [can sacrifice] host cells to the pathogen. This is a tightly controlled ...

GMO plants produce antibiotic to fight off deadly bacterial infection—without harming environment

Scientists from the University of Glasgow have discovered a safe and novel method that can safeguard important crops from the ...
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Molecular-level insight into virus transmission could help cut $30 billion in annual crop damage

For the first-time we can take a molecular-level look at one of the world's deadliest crop killers. The Luteoviridae are ...
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Gene silencing immunizes valuable food crops against deadly plant diseases

The defense of crops from new pathogens and parasites is one of the main challenges that the agriculture sector is ...

Podcast: The story of a grape disease that decimated vineyards for 200 years—and how science helped stop it

When Europeans began to colonize North America 400 plus years ago, they brought along the crops they knew how to ...

DNA sequencing technique spots wheat pathogens, and diseases-fighting microbes to stop them

Plant diseases, especially those caused by fungal pathogens, jeopardize global crop biosecurity and preventing them requires rapid detection and identification ...
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Crops engineered to destroy infected cells could fight off deadly diseases

Hiding inside each plant cell, protein complexes encoded by disease resistance genes are like sleeping armies, waking up and activating ...
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