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Coronavirus romance: Is it healthy for isolating couples to have so much together time?

In the wake of COVID-19 social distancing and stay-at-home orders, young couples may find themselves spending more time with each ...

People with better memories may have better romantic relationships, study suggests

Common topics of marital disagreement are money, sex and time spent together. None of this will surprise anyone who has ...
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Long-term partnership or quickie hookup: Can evolution explain why a woman chooses one over the other?

For women, a short-term fling may involve a quest for good genes or just a good time. It’s a puzzle ...
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Unintended benefits of ‘the pill’: Fewer mood swings and better relationships?

I was intrigued to learn that taking birth control pills could reduce period-related mood swings and that it had other beneficial effects ...
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Can a genetic test help you find the right marriage partner?

Does a good marriage depend on having the right genes? ...
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Genetics of relationships and marriage

Many online dating services claim to use science to match people with their perfect mate. But the science of relationships ...
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