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How snake venom and a smoking cessation drug inspired a nasal spray that blocks COVID

Ricki Lewis | 
A simple nasal spray that stops SARS-CoV-2 in its tracks? That could block the coronavirus in the nose, before it ...
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When it comes to COVID, nurture trumps nature – so far

Ricki Lewis | 
In the early weeks of the pandemic, as patients overwhelmed New York City hospitals, the clinical characteristics of the most ...
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Timing ‘couldn’t have been worse’: Why travel restrictions didn’t prevent a coronavirus pandemic

Derek Watkins, James Glanz, Jin Wu, Weiyi Cai | 
The most extensive travel restrictions to stop an outbreak in human history haven’t been enough. We analyzed the movements of ...
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How the “F” word—flu—led to confusion as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded

Ricki Lewis | 
Thinking that a novel virus is like a familiar one is like assuming that a guinea pig is the same ...
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