Indigenous people remained in southeastern US for nearly 150 years, study shows

While [expeditions by Spanish explorers] unquestionably resulted in the deaths of countless Indigenous people and the relocation of remaining tribes, ...

Do rising carbon dioxide levels dampen our ability to think and make decisions?

As the 21st century progresses, rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations will cause urban and indoor levels of the gas ...
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Why do people trust ‘gut instinct’ even when it’s not the smart choice?

When faced with a decision, people may know which choice gives them the best chance of success, but still take ...
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‘Not alone’: 3 different human ancestors may have lived together in South Africa 2 million years ago

An international team, including Arizona State University researcher Gary Schwartz, have unearthed the earliest known skull of Homo erectus, the ...
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Puzzling over the mysteries of human pregnancy: Why is labor so long and dangerous?

From an evolutionary perspective, human pregnancy is quite strange, says University at Buffalo biologist Vincent Lynch. "For example, we don't ...
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