Mystery of the mind: How autism got its start in the developing brain

Here are some of the key points [neuroscientist Kevin] Pelphrey made on how autism may get its start in the ...
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Artificial intelligence could predict where earthquake aftershocks will strike

A new artificial intelligence is turning its big brain to mapping earthquake aftershocks. Scientists trained an artificial neural network to ...

Could a good night’s sleep ‘clear away’ Alzheimer’s plaques from our brains?

Neuroscientist Barbara Bendlin studies the brain as Alzheimer’s disease develops. When she goes home, she tries to leave her work ...

Making CAR-T cancer treatments less risky with ‘safety switches’ and precision targeting

A majority of patients who receive CAR-T cell therapy react [with] varying degrees of severity. Those same T cells that ...

Consumer genetic tests and loss of privacy: ‘It’s often the price you pay’

For a few hundred dollars and a spit sample, you too could take a journey of genetic self-discovery. You may ...

Here’s what you get from 3 very different at-home genetic tests

For health testing, I sent spit samples to 23andMe, Genos and Veritas Genetics, three companies that represent the various levels of DNA testing available ...
dog fossils found at two burial sites in illinois show that the domesticated pups lived years

Early North American settlers brought dogs more than 10,000 year ago

A trio of dogs buried at two ancient human sites in Illinois lived around 10,000 years ago, making them the oldest ...
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