Gaming addiction doesn’t appear to foreshadow psychiatric problems

Steinar Brandslet | 
A gaming disorder is characterized by causing a variety of problems in a person’s personal and work life. It can ...

Circadian rhythms: Do men and women tolerate staying up overnight differently?

Ida Kvittingen | 
Recently, researchers have found evidence that biological differences between the sexes can affect the circadian rhythm of both humans and ...
epilepsy and ketogenic diet koreys story x

Can cutting out carbs treat epilepsy? The ketogenic diet as a drug

Ingrid Spilde | 
The ketogenic diet has actually been used in the treatment of epilepsy since the 1920s. It had been known that ...
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Vikings were not the first global voyagers. Bronze age Norwegians likely sailed the seas 2,000 years before

Bård Amundsen | 
[A]rchaeologists who study Norway during the Bronze Age have discovered a great deal of new information. ... People who lived ...
cr health inlinehero how much exercise to see benefits

Exercise may benefit your brain more than any other part of your body

Siw Ellen Jakobsen | 
The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends that people exercise at moderate intensity a total of 2.5 hours each week – ...

How weird can life on earth get? Check out these creatures found in deep arctic waters

Bodil Bluhm | 
How should we get our children, our parents and anyone else excited about biodiversity of tiny Arctic microalgae or Arctic ...
couple intimate bedroom embrace x header x

How long is sex supposed to last? ‘Normal’ might be shorter than you think it should be

Marianne Nordahl | 
In a Norwegian study published in the Journal of Public Health in 2009, 27 percent of men reported having premature ...

Children born more than 3 weeks premature may develop language problems

Marte Dæhlen | 
[R]esearchers have looked at the language development of preterm children – both those born three weeks early and those born ...
senior couple sex life jacob laughing intimacy ammentorp lund istock medium

Is being married the key to a longer life?

Bård Amundsen, Siw Ellen Jakobsen | 
Mortality – or the frequency of deaths – has been steadily declining in Norway over the last hundred years in ...
pryor superjumbo

No root cause: What if mental health symptoms are the actual disease?

Ingrid Spilde | 
“In the prevailing understanding of mental disorders, the premise is that an underlying cause exists,” says Sverre Urnes Johnson, associate ...

Pill could put bread back on the plates of people with celiac disease

Siw Ellen Jakobsen | 
Celiac disease is caused by the body’s reactions to proteins found in wheat, barley and rye. Nearly 30 different drug ...
mesmerism what is animal magnetism and who is franz mesmer c d a c e

Birth of the placebo effect: How an 18th century doctor’s bogus animal magnetism treatment ‘cured’ patients

Ingrid Spilde | 
Word spread amongst the Parisian upper class in the late 18th century: A new man in town had a novel ...
adult asleep bed

Trouble sleeping? Your children may experience the same problems, study suggests

Siw Ellen Jakobsen | 
Researchers have long known that severe sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are hereditary. But what about common sleep problems, ...
adult blur clean

Treating obsessive compulsive disorder in just 4 days? Researchers tout intensive method

Elise Kjørstad | 
Psychologists and professors Gerd Kvale and Bjarne Hansen have developed a treatment program that helps patients get rid of their ...
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Do obesity and mental illness share genetic links?

Nancy Bazilchuk | 
If a person with high genetic vulnerability is exposed to adverse environmental factors, such as an infection or mental trauma, ...
jack antal unsplash

The psychology of risk: ‘Psychopathic traits regularly found in successful people’

Nancy Bazilchuk | 
One problem with research on psychopathy is that it largely only deals with criminals. [Psychiatrist Randi] Rosenqvist believes it would ...
dementia help custom a d c db e e e s c

Anxiety in dementia patients is often ‘overlooked, underestimated and not identified’

Nancy Bazilchuk, Siw Ellen Jakobsen | 
It’s not uncommon for people with dementia to roam around a lot and to be very restless, both day and ...
unnamed file

Lab-grown mini brains ‘perilously close’ to consciousness?

Ingrid Nuse | 
Neuroscientists at more than a hundred laboratories around the world are now cultivating small brains from human cells in glass ...
itchy skin in pregnancy x

Pregnancy, motherhood may give a boost to women’s brains, making them ‘younger’

Anne Lise Stranden | 
Tired toddler mums may finally be able to take some comfort in their exhaustion. It turns out they may have ...
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