How well-intentioned research into ‘gay genes’ spawned controversial DNA screening app

Megan Molteni | 
A giant collection of carefully cataloged genomes, called the UK Biobank, was about to become available to researchers. … To [researcher ...
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‘Wholly unethical’: Gay conversion therapy does not work

Harriet Hall | 
The World Psychiatric Association has declared that conversion therapy is “wholly unethical.” Yet despite the legal bans, the retractions, the ...
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Viewpoint: Study’s inability to find a ‘gay gene’ provides affirmation for LGBTQ community

Emily Conley | 
As a scientist, I am fascinated by the new international study that found thousands of genetic variants associated with same-sex sexual behavior, ...
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3 ‘biomarkers’ linked to male sexual orientation in study

Yasmin Tayag | 
The search for the “gay gene” is rooted in a fraught question: Does homosexuality have a biological basis? The reasons ...
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