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Curing sickle-cell disease with a more accurate CRISPR technique?

Chris Vakulskas | 
For many serious diseases, the statistics tell just half the story. Sickle-cell disease (SCD) is no exception. Yes, we can ...
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Teenager’s experimental gene therapy treatment could change the lives of millions of sickle cell patients worldwide

Gina Kolata, Samantha Stark | 
Meet Helen Obando, a shy 16-year-old who likes to dance when her body isn’t ravaged by the debilitating symptoms of ...
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Sickle cell disease targeted with CRISPR therapy as ‘the only potential cure’

Donavyn Coffey | 
[F]or the first time, doctors in the United States used the gene editing tool CRISPR to attempt to remedy a ...
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Why do some elite athletes die during intense exercise? The answer may be in their genes.

Nicola Jones | 
Biological anthropologists and other researchers investigate why there is a diversity of symptoms and outcomes in people with sickle cell ...
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The promise of genetic engineering in medicine could be threatened by ‘bad press’

Usha McFarling | 
Because the disorder is caused by a single mutation in a single gene, sickle cell disease has long been seen ...
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Gene therapy on brink of golden age: Here’s why

David Warmflash | 
Just as vaccination began first for smallpox, then expanded to a handful of other diseases and has since expanded to ...
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