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African farmers helping to grow quality seed for ‘neglected’ crops

Christopher Bendana | 
Though Uganda has some of the lowest agricultural productivity in the world, efforts to bring smallholder farmer groups into the ...
sorghum farmers in kenya FARMERS TREND

CRISPR could help immunize Africa’s staple crop sorghum against destructive witchweed parasite

Gail McCormick | 
Sorghum crops in areas where the agricultural parasite striga, also known as witchweed, is common are more likely to have ...
sorghum farmers in kenya FARMERS TREND

Naturally drought-tolerant sorghum could help develop crops better suited to changing climate

A new study led by scientists from the University of California Berkeley reveals how sorghum plants control its genome  - switching ...
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CRISPR-edited sorghum could provide needed protein to 500 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mark Phelps | 
RESEARCHERS have achieved a major breakthrough in sorghum, elevating the protein of the globally important cereal crop from 9-10 per ...

Sorghum gene could help cut massive crop damage caused by birds without harming them

A single gene in sorghum controls bird feeding behavior by simultaneously regulating the production of bad-tasting molecules and attractive volatiles, ...
sorghum farmers in kenya FARMERS TREND

Declining diversity of sorghum, world’s fifth most important cereal crop, could threaten Africa’s food security

The diversity of the crop Sorghum, a cereal used to make alcoholic drinks, has been decreasing over time due to ...
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