john ioannidis at rfs

Conflict of Interest? Whistleblower alleges study by Stanford’s John Ioannidis critical of lockdown funded by wealthy corporate donor critical of lockdown

Stephanie Lee | 
A highly influential coronavirus antibody study was funded in part by David Neeleman, the JetBlue Airways founder and a vocal ...
f He Jiankui

Stanford investigation clears faculty members that knew about CRISPR baby scandal

George Dvorsky | 
A Stanford investigation has cleared three prominent faculty members of helping with a controversial gene-editing experiment led by disgraced Chinese ...
2-7-2019 ak hj

Stanford investigating whether faculty has ties to controversial Chinese CRISPR baby experiment

Antonio Regalado | 
Officials at Stanford University have opened an investigation into what several high-profile faculty members knew about a Chinese effort to ...
sustainable agriculture

Sustainability myth: Stanford misleads students about organic farming’s reduced environmental impact

Henry Miller | 
The promotion of 'sustainable' organic farming at one of the nation's top universities shows just how pervasive myths about conventional ...
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