Congressional Democrats push EPA to defend expanded approval of controversial pesticide sulfoxaflor

Rebecca Beitsch | 
Oregon Democrats are asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to defend its decision to expand the use of a pesticide ...
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Activist groups sue EPA to block expanded approval of alleged ‘bee-killing’ insecticide sulfoxaflor

Maria Dinzeo | 
Beekeepers asked the Ninth Circuit on [September 6] to block the federal government’s approval of the unrestricted use of the ...
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Acute exposure to controversial insecticide sulfoxaflor doesn’t impact bee learning, study shows

Harry Siviter​​ | 
Systemic insecticides such as neonicotinoids and sulfoximines can be present in the nectar and pollen of treated crops, through which ...

EPA weighs in on sulfoxaflor: Genetic Literacy Project Q&A on controversial decision to lift restrictions on alleged ‘bee-killing’ pesticide

Cameron English | 
The FDA replied to our questions with a detailed defense of its decision to lift restrictions on sulfoxaflor ...
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