Suspended animation used in ‘groundbreaking’ trial to buy time for critically injured patients

Ian Sample | 
Doctors have put humans into a state of suspended animation for the first time in a groundbreaking trial that aims ...
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Frozen in time: You can be cryogenically preserved, but will you ever be revived?

David Warmflash | 
Preservation technologies promise the ability to suspend life for decades or even centuries. That would come with all sorts of ...
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Human hibernation: How it can change the world of medicine

David Warmflash | 
Many films and shows feature human hibernation as a means to help astronauts travel deep into space. While this could ...
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Human preservation: Will advances in cryobiology change science fiction to science fact?

David Warmflash | 
Cryonics may sound very sci-fi and many liken its followers to those of some 'New Age religion'. Yet cryonics could ...
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Sci-Fi suspended animation: Not the same as cryonics but might save your life

David Warmflash | 
Surgical research into hypothermia, long fodder for sci-fi movies, may yet reach the point of finding ways to preserve people ...
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Mitochondrial medicine: Pushing the limits of resuscitation

David Warmflash | 
Mitochondria are the power plants of the cell. Along with understanding the role of mitochondria in causing damage to the ...
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