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Consumer pesticide fears spur chemical giant Syngenta to develop more eco-friendly farm technologies

Agnieszka De Sousa, Eric Roston | 
Conventional pesticide makers including Syngenta and Bayer AG have been under pressure in recent years over their products’ impact on ...
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GMO crops cover 191 million hectares worldwide—113-fold increase since 1996

Biotechnology can be used to develop stress-tolerant and more nutritious crop varieties to protect natural resources and human health. Each ...
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Chickens don’t want to be ‘free range,’ they prefer being indoors, Australian government veterinarians says

Liam Mannix | 
Do chickens really like being free-range? It seems like a dumb question. Who wouldn't like a big green paddock full ...
sustainable agriculture

Sustainability myth: Stanford misleads students about organic farming’s reduced environmental impact

Henry Miller | 
The promotion of 'sustainable' organic farming at one of the nation's top universities shows just how pervasive myths about conventional ...
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