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Vindication? As global coronavirus hot spots surge, Sweden’s case load plunges

Sweden’s latest Covid-19 figures suggest it’s rapidly bringing the virus under control. “That Sweden has come down to these levels ...
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On second thought: Sweden’s top epidemiologist says nation should have done more to slow COVID-19

For months, the world has watched Sweden's light-touch approach to fighting the coronavirus pandemic, wondering whether it was genius or ...
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Viewpoint: Sweden’s unique approach to COVID-19 containment has failed

There was a familiar refrain from political commentators on certain corners of the internet in the early days of the ...
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What we can learn from Sweden’s controversial—and seemingly effective—coronavirus strategy

Life in lockdown is slowly becoming a rather grim norm for millions of citizens across the globe as the response ...

How Sweden avoided a lockdown and a large coronavirus outbreak

Trust is high in Sweden — in government, institutions and fellow Swedes. When the government defied conventional wisdom and refused ...

Time for an upgrade? Swedish study reveals thousands of genetic sequences not found in human reference genome

[I]t’s hard to study genetic sequences if they’re absent from the human reference genome, the product of the $2.7 billion ...

DNA found in 10,000-year-old ‘chewing gum’ sheds light on ancient Sweden

In the 1990s, archaeologists recovered a few chewed-up lumps of birch bark pitch, some of which still held fingerprints and ...
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Rebellion against Europe’s ‘innovation-killing’ crop gene editing regulations grows among scientists, frustrated member states

Will Europe continue to be a science backwater? Does gene editing have a future in this part of the world? ...
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