Biohackers navigating a world of wonder and potential peril

A person doesn’t need a deep understanding of gene editing and CRISPR to realize we are in the midst of ...

Viewpoint: Rampage movie offers twisted take on CRISPR gene editing

Is a film based on a video game with fleeting mentions of a biotech buzzword compelling sci-fi? No. But I ...

‘Game changer’ for Huntington’s? New genetic treatments on horizon

“It came completely out of the blue,” says James*. They had thought it was his father’s knees that were the ...
Mary Yangi

GMO maize could halt devastating fall army worm invasion in Uganda—if it gets approved

Mary Yangi trekked a long journey from South Sudan to Uganda’s West Nile region to settle as a refugee and, ...

Fertility clinic meltdown: What happens when slumbering eggs are awakened early

Fragile spindle apparatuses are an integral part to embryonic growth. What happened to embryo structures when they were thawed and ...

Fertility quest: How technology has fueled quantum leaps

Nanotech, artificial intelligence, wearables and biological engineering are among the new high tech ways to knock you up, stop your ...

Viewpoint: Devastating flu season reminds us about the danger of vaccine skepticism

The 2017-2018 flu season is being called the worst since 2009 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and ...

Viewpoint: Regulatory overreach looms as obstacle for New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) in agriculture

The fast-moving world of plant breeding — fueled by advances in CRISPR and other techniques — has tossed a wrench ...

Understanding the genetics of height—and why it matters in the fight against many human disorders

Hoping to help researchers find links between diseases and mutations, the UK Biobank opened its vault last summer, allowing access ...
Nigerian Farmers

Africa could become a world agricultural leader in CRISPR and other new breeding techniques (NBTs)

It is 8:30 East African Standard Time.  I disembark from a van filled with science journalists from Kampala, Uganda and ...
Brain Tumor

Do cell phones cause cancer? Unlikely, but activists are skeptical of journalists who present the facts

While it has been theorized that radiation from cellphone usage has the ability to cause cancer, there is no evidence ...

Incurable arthritic knees? Gene therapy offers new hope

Imagine a single injection into the knee vanquishing painful arthritis — forever. Gene therapies aimed at two molecular targets could ...
ge animals

Animal breeders are blocked worldwide from using genetic engineering. Here’s why.

Stringent regulations have made it almost impossible for GE animals to be approved for sale in the US. It took ...
cell phon

Viewpoint: Here’s how activists manipulate cell phone cancer risk statistics to fool regulators

Although some people argue that cell phone usage contributes to rising brain cancer rates, analysis of the data shows no ...
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