Kashi cereal has Non-GMO label–and glyphosate residue

Hank Campbell | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Not only does organic ...
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Union of Concerned Scientists joins criticism of USRTK, PLoS on biotech science literacy “transparency”

Aaron Huertas | 
UCS joins a growing list of independent groups criticizing Paul Thacker and Charles Seife for misrepresentations in their article savaging ...
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Kevin Folta responds to anti-GMO FOIA fiasco: PLoS bungled post misrepresents smoking gun email

Kevin Folta | 
Paul Thacker and Charles Seife--aligned with anti-GMO organic financed USRTK--claimed that a leaked document 'proved' Florida prof 'advised' Monsanto on ...
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Activist groups, USRTK have right to demand transparency from biotech scientists

Charles Seife, Paul Thacker | 
The backlash against transparency is underway and is likely to inform how we interpret the scientific literature for years to come. In the ...

Biotech professor’s emails show no misconduct in battling anti-GMO propaganda, but Monsanto tie noted

Keith Kloor | 
Michelle McGuire, a nutrition scientist at Washington State University in Pullman, was stunned when anti-GMO activists asked to read her ...
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With Will Saletan’s Slate takedown of anti-GMOers, liberal debate about GMO benefits now over

Jon Entine | 
Slate's subtitle says it all: "The war against genetically modified organisms is full of fearmongering, errors, and fraud. Labeling them ...

Corn: Debating the importance of corn in feeding the planet

Ricardo Salvador, Tamar Haspel | 
For the Union of Concerned Scientists, Ricardo Salvador writes, in part: Nowhere is the power and prowess of agricultural science ...

Asthma and Atopic March Syndrome caused by GMOs? Science says ‘No’

Andrew Porterfield, Jon Entine | 
Anti-GMO activists have lumped together a lot of allergic reactions into a syndrome caused by GMOs. Asthma shows how wrong ...
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National Academy forum challenges anti-GMO claim that DNA in food ‘invades’ bloodstream

Mary Mangan | 
Can science self-correct to protect against sloppy or politicized research? Scientist Mary Mangan discusses the controversy over a study that ...
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The Case for GMOs and Sustainability

Jon Entine | 
From conventional breeding to mutagenesis, none of our foods that we eat today is the product of Nature’s way. But ...

Anti-GMO “Right to Know” movement cashing in on scaring and confusing consumers

Kavin Senapathy | 
We have no right to know if our food is GMO. Why? Because the term “GMO” is an arbitrary classification ...
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Anti-GMO groups obsess about superweeds, the non-existent glyphosate-created pest

Andrew Porterfield, Jon Entine | 
"Superweeds" is a term bandied about by Consumer Reports, the Union of Concerned Scientists and other anti-GMO groups as a ...
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Peak food? Can food tech supercharge crop yields and address global food security?

Rebecca Randall | 
Breakthroughs are helping researchers 'supercharge' photosynthesis and increase rice yields. But anti-GMO critics say food security should focus on distribution, ...
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Cornell Alliance students challenge ‘anti-GMO bullies’ over FOI demand

Kavin Senapathy | 
The Cornell Alliance for Science--a global initiative for science-based communications at Cornell University--has launched a petition to support biotech scientists ...

Conflicting principles: Are anti-GMO groups abusing public records transparency laws?

Keith Kloor | 
A succession of stories in recent weeks involving scientists and open records requests have anguished many who cherish two ideals: academic ...
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Columbia Journalism Review: Anti-GMO group’s records request threatens independent research

Anna Clark | 
U.S. Right to Know, based in Oakland, Calif., has asked at least four universities to turn over all correspondence since ...
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Union of Concerned Scientists join criticism of anti-GMO activist ‘attack’ on university researchers

Alan Levinovitz | 
The legal attack hit Kevin Folta in early February. After receiving a FOIA request from U.S. Right to Know—a nonprofit ...

Response to Union of Concerned Scientists: Fears about Arctic apple are misleading

Steve Savage | 
As a consumer and as an agricultural scientist, I’m looking forward to the introduction of the Arctic® apple, which is nearing ...

Reflections on the Great Biotech Debate: Dissecting the arguments

Intelligence Squared, an organization that organizes public debates across the globe, holds them in traditional Oxford debating style which pits one team ...
CROP rectangle large

Anti-GMO Activism and Its Impact on Food Security

Kevin Folta | 
Activists have dismissed the opinions of the world’s leading scientists to undermine public trust in the benefits of GM crops ...
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GMO DEBATE RECAP: Battle over Biotechnology—Public backs GM research and farming

Kevin Folta | 
I was really excited to watch the Intelligence Squared debate. I've been looking forward to it for seemingly ages. Bottom ...
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In wake of GMO debate defeat, antis throw leaders under the bus?

Jon Entine | 
Within minutes after the routing of anti-GMO scientists Margaret Mellon and Charles Benbrook at Wednesday's Intelligence Squared debate--the motion in favor of ...
GMOCrops Thumbnail

Battle over Biotechnology: Pro and anti GMO scientists square off

Jon Entine | 
Intelligence Squared will be hosting the first high profile debate among scientists over genetically modified food in years. Viewers can ...

GMO breeding: Years of practice but still divisive

Aida Akl | 
Proponents and critics of genetic modification (GM) have been arguing over the potential impact of genetically modified organisms (GMO) on ...
simplot innate potato mcdonalds si

McDonald’s mulling embrace of Simplot’s bruise-reducing Innate GMO potato

Jon Entine | 
A healthier, ecologically advanced GMO potato has been cleared, touching off theatrics of opposition by advocacy groups. The success of ...
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GLP interactive infographic: Which GMO experts should you trust?

Who are the most experienced, trained, independent and trustworthy scientists and commentators on the GMO debate? Anti-GMO advocacy groups promote ...
franken corn DNA

Mutagenesis: One way Europeans wish it was 1936 again

Hank Campbell | 
Want to use ionizing radiation and mutagenic chemicals to create herbicide-resistant crops without the messy GMO protests? Mutagenesis is the ...
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