GMOs don’t hurt anyone, but opposing them does

Hank Campbell | 
How do you demonize scientists who added 3 genes to the 30,000 in rice in order to stop vitamin A ...
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Biotech crops do not produce new allergens or toxins

Kevin Bonham | 
The idea that GM crops might result in novel allergens is "at best wildly misleading and at worse an all-out ...
Medicago sativa L

California’s activist court rules that GM alfalfa is not a pest

Hank Campbell | 
Despite a track record spotted with anti-science activist positions, California's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the lower court's determination ...

Union of Concerned Scientists embraces anti-science views on crop biotech

Kevin Bonham | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Let me begin by saying I love the Union of Concerned Scientists. They’ve been ...
millions against monsanto

Monsanto Protection Act? Separating the facts from the fury

Jon Entine | 
The so-called "Monsanto Protection Act" is hardly the “most dangerous food act ever” or a “terrifying piece of policy," as ...
crop wars e

Is there really a science-based GMO controversy? False balance captures Discover magazine

Jon Entine | 
Discover's cover story on the anti-biotech movement gives unwarranted weight to anti-GM activists and in the process raises questions about ...

Will GM tech save coffee in the face of climate change?

Hank Campbell | 
The following is an excerpt. Some hysterical types are worried that because the industry has focused on one particular genetically ...
Mark Lynas at Oxford Farming Conference

GMOs and The Mark Lynas Conversion: Round Two Roundup

Kenrick Vezina | 
The GLP digs through the fallout from Mark Lynas's public "conversion" from anti-GMO to pro-science activist ...

High hopes for drought-resistant corn

Katy Davis | 
The United States is having one of the worst droughts recorded in over 50 years. More than three-quarters of U.S ...

Scientists take shot at Monsanto’s drought tolerant corn

Dennis Anderson | 
The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has issued a report saying that Monsanto's new drought-tolerant corn, DroughtGard, might not yield ...
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