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Robot peer pressure and why we may need to fear ‘artificial stupidity’

Carolyn Johnson | 
When the robot revolution arrives, we all know the plot: Smarter machines will supersede human intelligence and outwit us, enslave ...
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‘Very reassuring’: Vaccinating pregnant women does not increase risk of autism in children

Lindsey Bever | 
New research has shown that a common childhood vaccination given to pregnant women does not put their children at any increased ...
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Tamed foxes could help unravel complex genetics behind social behavior

Carolyn Johnson | 
[D]omestication, based purely on behavioral traits, can result in other changes — like curlier tails and changes to fur color ...

Reasons to be wary of the ‘untamed wilderness’ of dog DNA tests

Kim Kavin | 
The claims that dog DNA-testing companies make can seem all but definitive: One quick cheek swab can not only tell ...

Fighting cancer with help from the body’s internal clock

Elie Dolgin | 
Chi Van Dang generally declines to discuss the science that made him famous. ... Instead of doing so, Dang [a ...
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Elephants rarely get cancer. Can humans borrow their genetic strategies?

David Kohn | 
Elephants have 100 times as many cells as humans. But they seldom get cancer. This is surprising, because cancer is ...

Privacy pledge: Consumer genetic-testing firms agree to new rules

Drew Harwell, Tony Romm | 
Ancestry, 23andMe and other popular companies that offer genetic testing pledged on Tuesday [July 31] to be upfront when they ...
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Transgender men experience masculinity differently

Tara Bahrampour | 
We spoke with ... men who transitioned as adults to the bodies in which they feel more comfortable. ... [T]heir ...

Frozen embryos: Who owns them and do they have legal rights?

Ariana Cha | 
With the number of frozen embryos in the United States soaring into the millions, disputes over who owns them are ...

Expensive tastes? Testosterone linked to quest for status symbols

Melissa Healy | 
Whether it’s in his choice of top-shelf alcohol at the club, the watch on his wrist or the clothes he ...
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Turning white blood cells into ‘living cancer drugs’ with electric shocks

Ben Guarino | 
A promising new class of cancer treatments recruits the cells in our blood to fight tumors, using powerful gene-editing tools ...

Could genetically modified polio virus treat brain tumors?

Laurie McGinley | 
A genetically modified polio virus improved the longer-term survival of patients with a lethal type of brain tumor, according to ...
sex robot

Challenging the claim that a sex robot is the ‘perfect companion’

Ben Guarino | 
Sex doll maker Realbotix, in its marketing materials, bills [sex doll] Harmony as “the perfect companion.” But healthy companionship is too ...

Meet the doctor leading research on ethically fraught ‘three-parent’ babies

Ariana Cha | 
When future historians look back on the 21st century, one of the most iconic photos may be of a smiling, ...

FDA moves against stem cell clinics selling unapproved procedures in Florida, California

Laurie McGinley, William Wan | 
The Food and Drug Administration is asking federal courts on opposite sides of the country to permanently stop two stem ...
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Controversial biohacker found dead in sensory deprivation tank

Peter Hermann | 
A controversial biotech engineer was found dead Sunday [April 29] in a sensory deprivation tank at a spa in downtown ...
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Treating lung cancer with combination of chemotherapy, immunotherapy

Laurie McGinley | 
Patients with newly diagnosed advanced lung cancer who received an immunotherapy drug plus standard chemotherapy lived significantly longer than those ...
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Babies begin making logical reasoning decisions by the age of one

Amy Nutt | 
In intriguing research, a team of scientists may have discovered the earliest age at which a person can reason logically: 12 months ...
right to try

‘Dangerous precedent’: Former FDA commissioners oppose ‘right to try’ legislation providing access to experimental treatments

Laurie McGinley | 
Four former commissioners of the Food and Drug Administration are expressing opposition to congressional “right to try” legislation, just as ...

Can consumers rely on the credibility of the USDA organic label?

Julie Kelly | 
The reliability of the USDA organic label is under fire by the Washington Post, challenging the practices of some large ...
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Will Hollywood anti-GMO/pro-labeling activists Lena Dunham and Gwyneth Paltrow consider science?

Layla Katiraee | 
Human geneticist who now opposes mandatory GMO labeling appeals to actresses to engage independent university scientists and not just ideologues ...
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