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Viewpoint: AI gets ‘B-minus at best’ for dealing with COVID-19. But better days are ahead

Kai-Fu Lee | 
Truth be told, AI has not had a particularly successful four months in the battle of the pandemic. I would ...
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Supercomputers take first steps toward replacing human clinical drug trials

Ray Kurzweil | 
We are seeing the beginnings of a profound paradigm shift in health technology. AI simulations have the potential to test ...
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Viewpoint: Sweden’s unique approach to COVID-19 containment has failed

Amit Katwala | 
There was a familiar refrain from political commentators on certain corners of the internet in the early days of the ...
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The human brain may not be such a great model for designing artificial intelligence

Kelly Clancy | 
[M]ost artificial neural networks are decidedly un-brainlike, in part because they learn using mathematical tricks that would be difficult, if ...

Accidental side effect: COVID-19 pandemic could give polio ‘a fresh start’

Maryn McKenna | 
The world’s total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is closing in on 5 million. But an accidental side effect of ...
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‘That’s not easy’: Figuring out who gets first shot at a coronavirus vaccine

Adam Rogers | 
Even if scientists do develop a safe, broadly effective vaccine, nobody knows how to give it to billions of people ...
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How coronavirus wreaks havoc on the body, organ by organ

Will Bedingfield | 
Covid-19 has confounded the expectations of doctors. Patients suffer from a bewildering variety of complications. They urinate blood, complain of ...

‘Skin hunger’: That burning desire for human contact supercharged by the coronavirus pandemic

Sirin Kale | 
Once a week, Alice, who lives alone, walks to the end of her garden to meet her best friend Lucy ...
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‘Microbe maps’: Swabbing subways, ATMs and park benches to find coronavirus hot spots

Megan Molteni | 
Nearly a decade ago, after watching his young daughter lick a pole in a subway car, computational biologist Christopher Mason ...
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Lessons learned from the past: Why rushing a coronavirus vaccine could be dangerous

Maryn McKenna | 
Annual flu shots don’t need to go through clinical trials every time they are adjusted for each year’s flu strain, ...
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Squids’ ability to edit their own RNA could lead to human disease treatments

Eric Niiler | 
For nearly every animal on Earth, any changes made to the DNA are transmitted from the cell nucleus by messenger ...
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Infographic: Fighting the coronavirus pandemic with collaborative science and data sharing

Klint Finley | 
On February 27, a teenager in the Seattle area was diagnosed with Covid-19. Shortly after, researchers at the Seattle Flu Study shared genomic data ...
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CRISPR-based ‘PAC-MAN approach’ could be answer to COVID-19 and other viral menaces

Steven Levy | 
Tim Abbott, a PhD candidate at Stanford University’s bioengineering department, checked the results of an experiment that he was running ...
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Predicting the next coronavirus outbreak by mining genetic databases

Megan Molteni | 
Search “coronavirus” on GenBank, a public repository for genomes, and today you’ll find more than 35,000 sequences. Alpaca coronaviruses. Hedgehog coronaviruses ...
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Alzheimer’s research is stuck on a ‘single, unproven hypothesis’. It’s time to explore new theories

Mark Hammond, Tim Newton | 
Over the past decade we’ve seen failure after failure in clinical trials for neurodegenerative disease. Despite over 200 clinical trials, ...
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We’ve mapped a fly brain down ‘to the very last neuron’. That’s a big deal for human brain research

Gregory Barber | 
[A]s director of Janelia Research Campus, part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, [Gerry Rubin has] spent the last 12 ...
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Terminally ill cancer patients donating their bodies for research on how tumors spread

Rachael Pells | 
It sounds macabre, but it’s important research. [Andrew] Rowan is one of a team of experts working on a new ...
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3D-printed plastic bunny contains its own blueprint coded in synthetic DNA

Megan Molteni | 
The kumquat-sized bunny, cute as it may be, isn’t a toy or a good luck charm. But if you cut ...

How well-intentioned research into ‘gay genes’ spawned controversial DNA screening app

Megan Molteni | 
A giant collection of carefully cataloged genomes, called the UK Biobank, was about to become available to researchers. … To [researcher ...
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Artificial Intelligence lab OpenAI wants to develop technology ‘to save the world’. Will it also assist the US military?

Tom Simonite | 
Microsoft’s recent victory in landing a $10 billion Pentagon cloud-computing contract called JEDI could make life more complicated for one of the ...
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Extraterrestrial babies? Scientists want to know how microgravity would affect human reproduction

Daniel Oberhaus | 
The plane’s rapid descent created a microgravity environment in the cockpit and for a few seconds, [pilot Daniel] González felt ...

Brain scans, like DNA, can say a lot about who you are. That creates ethical, privacy concerns.

Evan Morris | 
Many people are aware—and properly protective—of the vast stores of information contained in their DNA. When DNA samples were collected ...
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This ‘psychedelic’ treatment can cure opioid addition. It also might kill you

Clayton Dalton | 
With proper treatment, withdrawing from opioids won’t kill you, but it can make you want to die. … The desperation ...

Using synthetic biology to design new kinds of life—and novel drugs to treat diseases

Roger Highfield | 
All living things on Earth are built from proteins created from the same 20 chemical units, called amino acids. Now, ...

Calling for a halt to gene-edited babies, World Health Organization stops short of ‘all-out moratorium’

Megan Molteni | 
The world’s largest public health authority has weighed in with the most authoritative statement yet on the use of Crispr ...

How man’s best friend is helping us battle cancer

Michele Marill | 
[T]he Moonshot initiative is promoting new ways to study cancer, particularly in the promising area of immunotherapy. And it specifically ...
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Lone Star tick is notorious for making people allergic to red meat. It may also carry deadly Bourbon virus.

Megan Molteni | 
Scientists know almost nothing about how Bourbon virus behaves or how it got here or where it will show up ...
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