Articles written for the GLP list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. All other articles were written for the sources noted with excerpts provided by the GLP.

Mechanism for epigenetic inheritance found in sperm

New Scientist | 
A solution may be nigh to one of the biggest mysteries of biology – how the effects of a person's ...

Triple-threat GM rice protects against drought, salty soils and lack of fertilizer

New Scientist | 
For the first time, a single strain of genetically modified rice has been developed to handle drought, salty soils and ...
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Ouch! Epigenetic changes dial your pain threshold up or down

New Scientist | 
If you flinch where others merely frown, you might want to take a look at your lifestyle. That's because environmental ...

Infectious cancer contains 11k-year-old dog genes

New Scientist | 
Call it the Methuselah mutt. There are genes from a dog that lived 11,000 years ago in an infectious cancer ...

Smart genes: Nature more than nurture determines exam success

New Scientist | 
A controversial study on twins claims to provide strong evidence that genetic inheritance has a bigger impact on exam success ...

Creator of Golden Rice weighs in on the continuing debate

New Scientist | 
(Summary) Ingo Potrykus, chairman of the Golden Rice Humanitarian Board and former professor of plant sciences at the Swiss Federal ...

Girl who feels no pain could inspire new painkillers

New Scientist | 
A girl who does not feel physical pain has helped researchers identify a gene mutation that disrupts pain perception. The ...

Obesity gene makes you fat by keeping you hungry

New Scientist | 
If you can't resist that extra portion of dessert, maybe it is time to stop bemoaning your lack of willpower ...

Stem-cell treatment restores sight to blind man

New Scientist | 
The following is an excerpt. An experimental stem-cell treatment has restored the sight of a man blinded by the degeneration ...

Human stem cells made using Dolly cloning technique

New Scientist | 
The following is an excerpt of a longer story. Sixteen years after the amazing creation of Dolly the cloned sheep, researchers ...
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Economic recession can effect your genes

New Scientist | 
New insights into how genes are triggered in times of stress suggest that we should be paying attention to the ...

Storm erupts over publishing of HeLa genome

New Scientist | 
The following is an excerpt. One of the world's most prestigious laboratories is frantically trying to resolve a row over ...

Gene therapy cures leukaemia in eight days

New Scientist | 
The following is an excerpt. Within just eight days of starting a novel gene therapy, David Aponte's "incurable" leukaemia had ...

Gene therapy cures diabetic dogs

New Scientist | 
The following is an excerpt. Five diabetic beagles no longer needed insulin injections after being given two extra genes, with ...

Quadruple DNA helix discovered in human cells

New Scientist | 
The following is an excerpt. Quadruple helices that intertwine four, rather than two, DNA strands had been made in the ...
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What’s more dangerous: biology or synthetic biology?

New Scientist | 
Slate MagazineWhat's More Dangerous: Biology or Synthetic Biology?Slate MagazineTom Knight got the bug for bioscience while he was a computer ...

Pressure mounts for retraction of GM crop-cancer study

New Scientist | 
Pressure mounts for retraction of GM crop-cancer studyNew Scientist (blog)The EFSA concluded that the researchers, led by Gilles-Eric Séralini of ...

Genetically modified crops encourage beneficial bugs

Truth about Trade & Technology | 
Environmentalists might one day run barefooted through insect-rich fields of genetically modified crops. At least, they might if the conclusions ...
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