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CRISPR upgrade may make gene editing even simpler

Nature | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  The CRISPR/Cas9 technique is ...

UK scientists apply for first-ever human embryo gene editing license

Nature | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  Scientists in London have ...

Debating perils and promise of gene editing

Nature | 
“Crap!” That was the first word out of Kevin Esvelt’s mouth as he scanned a paper published in Science in March. The work ...
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First strong genetic links to depression identified

Nature News | 
Jonathan Flint knew the odds of finding genetic sequences linked to depression were slim: a study of 9,000 people with major ...

Microbes and insects could boost plant health, improve farm yields

Nature | 
A plant may be rooted in place, but it is never lonely. There are bacteria in, on and near it, ...

Are concerns over danger of CRISPR eclipsing potential benefits?

Nature | 
CRISPR is causing a major upheaval in biomedical research. Unlike other gene-editing methods, it is cheap, quick and easy to ...
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Stem cell therapy for vision loss shows promising first results

Nature | 
A company that has spent more than 20 years trying to develop treatments based on embryonic stem cells is taking ...

3D-printed replacement organs may be close at hand

Nature | 
The advent of three-dimensional (3D) printing has generated a swell of interest in artificial organs meant to replace, or even ...

Genetic tests in clinic fall short for prescribing best cancer therapy

Nature | 
Many cancer patients in clinics across the United States might be getting inaccurate information from DNA analyses that are intended ...

Adjustment to CRISPR method could make gene editing therapy a reality

Nature | 
A tweak to a technique that edits DNA with pinpoint precision has boosted its ability to correct defective genes in ...

Genetically engineered ‘on-off switch’ could activate drought tolerance in plants

Nature | 
An innovative 'on-off' switch added to a plant protein may one day allow farmers to prep crops for drought by ...

Cancer cells’ waste can turn healthy cells cancerous

Nature | 
When a cancer cell throws out its trash, it can turn healthy neighbours into fellow tumour cells, researchers have found ...
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Brazilian transgenic eucalyptus trees that produce more wood target of global activists

Nature | 
Viewed from above, Brazil’s orderly eucalyptus plantations offer a stark contrast to the hurly-burly of surrounding native forests. The trees, ...

Missisippi baby with HIV cured by early therapy, now positive for virus’ DNA again

Nature | 
Two months shy of her fourth birthday, paediatricians gave the ‘Mississippi baby’ bad news: her HIV infection, seemingly vanquished by ...

Old immunotherapy drug revived with some treatment tweeks

Nature | 
When Dave deBronkart was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer in 2007, he learned about a treatment called high-dose interleukin-2 (IL-2) ...

Disabling a gene that breaks down insulin may help treat Type 2 diabetes

Nature | 
A long-sought target in the treatment of diabetes is coming into focus, as researchers report the discovery of a molecule ...
Nature Getty

Genome hacker builds largest-ever family tree

Nature | 
To help scientists investigate inheritance, so-called genome hacker Yaniv Erlich has built family tree with over 13 million people, using ...
Nature stem cell

Regenerative medicine milestone: Stem cells generated in live mice

Nature | 
An important step toward developing regenerative therapies: Researchers successfully reprogrammed adult mouse cells, in a live mouse, to behave like ...

US regulation misses some GM crops

Nature | 
Five years after developing an apple variety containing a defense to fend off apple scab — which took 85 years ...

Reanalysis of cancer genome data weeds out false positives

Nature | 
The following is an excerpt. Some call them the ‘fishy genes’: errors in DNA that seem to be associated with ...
US Supreme Court

SCOTUS leans against patents on human genes

Nature | 
US Supreme Court justices will not issue a decision until later this year — probably near the end of June ...

Genetically engineered immune cells rapidly clear leukemia tumors

Nature | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The new therapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a swift-growing cancer that tends to kill ...

Circular RNAs throw genetics for a loop

Nature | 
The following is an excerpt. Behold the latest curio in the cabinet of RNA oddities: naturally occurring circular RNA molecules ...
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