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Forget GMOs: Surgeon General has determined that DNA is dangerous to your health!

Genetic Literacy Project | 
OMG! Deoxyribonucleic acid risks contaminating all of our food. Where is Gary Hirshberg when we REALLY need him! Just Label ...
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Girls Scouts reject attempts by anti-GMO parents to use their kids in fear campaign

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The Girl Scouts cookie-selling fund-raising season kicked off this week, again pitting anti-GMO moms against the venerable scouting organization in ...
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Bee experts shred ‘Harvard’ neonics-Colony Collapse Disorder study, upbraid journalists for ‘activist science’

Genetic Literacy Project | 
North America's most prominent bee experts challenge a well-publicized 'Harvard study' that blamed neonicotinoids for bee deaths and Colony Collapse ...
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Silence from Bill Nye to Kevin Folta GMO debate challenge

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Some of you might recall the open letter from Kevin Folta, a University of Florida plant scientist, inviting ["The Science Guy," Bill ...
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In wake of GMO debate defeat, antis throw leaders under the bus?

GMO Free USA | 
Within minutes after the routing of anti-GMO scientists Margaret Mellon and Charles Benbrook at Wednesday's Intelligence Squared debate--the motion in favor of ...
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Battle over Biotechnology: Pro and anti GMO scientists square off

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Intelligence Squared will be hosting the first high profile debate among scientists over genetically modified food in years. Viewers can ...
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Genetic Literacy Project Special Report: GMO: Beyond the Science

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The Genetic Literacy Project launches a unique six-part series on crop biotechnology, examining the science of GMOs but also the ...

Bee deaths and neonics: Inside story of Colony Collapse Disorder, Harvard’s Chensheng Lu’s crusade

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Two "Harvard studies" by nutritionist Chensheng Lu are the linchpin of the claim that we face a global bee collapse ...

Organic alert: Whole Foods almonds contain potentially ‘fatal’ natural chemical

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Whole Foods is recalling a line of Organic Raw Almonds, due to elevated levels of a natural chemical, hydrogen cyanide, ...
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GLP’s Jon Entine talks to Ray Bowman on fallout from Oregon, Colorado GMO label votes

Food and Farm | 
What's next in the battle over GMO labeling? Ray Bowman talks with GLP's Jon Entine on his Food and Farm ...
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McDonald’s mulling embrace of Simplot’s bruise-reducing Innate GMO potato

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A healthier, ecologically advanced GMO potato has been cleared, touching off theatrics of opposition by advocacy groups. The success of ...

Frankenfood: A metaphor that has cursed GMOs

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In this radio interview, Australian Broadcasting Radio National asks Mark Lynas and the GLP’s Jon Entine about whether science is ...
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$25 million for “Factor GMO” study—Are the results pre-determined?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
What anti-GMO activists are billing as the most expensive and comprehensive longterm study of the impact of GMO crops and ...
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Is Nassim Taleb a “dangerous imbecile” or on the pay of anti-GMO activists?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Even Nassim Taleb's friends call him a "vulgar, bombastic windbag". Now he's becoming one of the new faces of the ...

Vermont Rube Goldberg-like GMO labeling law exempts GMO filled natural supplements

Genetic Literacy Project | 
During the 1920s, the cartoonist Rube Goldberg became immensely popular churning out cartoons that depicted devices that performed simple tasks in ...

Why support erodes for GMO labeling (Hint: It’s not because of spending by Big Ag)

Genetic Literacy Project | 
As happened in both California and Washington state, what seemed like an easy path to victory for supporters of a ...
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What’s so “natural” about “natural crop breeding”?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
One of the most popular arguments of critics of crop biotechnology is the claim that conventional breeding is more "natural" ...
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Battle of Britain: NGOs and scientists clash over proposal to loosen EU GMO restrictions

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Britain has emerged as the key battleground that could determine whether the European Union relaxes its tight restrictions on GMOs ...
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Organic activists reject science, propose ‘natural’ Ebola cure, claim government conspiracy

Genetic Literacy Project | 
As often happens in times of medical crises, fringe groups come out from hiding--in this instance, organic activists in the ...
GMO Labels

Greenpeace claims GM technology eclipsed by ‘safer’ genetic techniques, renews Golden Rice attack

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Greenpeace is launching another offensive against Golden Rice, promoting organic-based agriculture as an alternative model and promoting alternative forms of ...
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Natural Resources Defense Council sues EPA to block rollout of Dow Enlist Duo GMO system

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The NRDC filed what is expected to be the first of numerous suits challenging the EPA's approval of Enlist Duo, ...
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Will Starbucks bump latte prices to placate anti-GMO protestors?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Anti-GMO organic activists are again fanning fears about genetic modification as part of a campaign to pressure Starbucks to dump ...
Are Ebola drug researchers developing 'death drugs' that could wipe out humanity? Yes, by logic of anti-GMOers

Are Ebola drug researchers developing ‘death drugs’ that could wipe out humanity? Yes, by logic of anti-GMOers

Genetic Literacy Project | 
It's perplexing that strident anti-GMO critics who regularly harp on the "danger" of harvesting a "foreign" gene from one species ...
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What happens when 100 billion animals, over 18 years, eat GMOs?

Forbes | 
Visit almost any anti-GMO website and you will find alarming headlines about the alleged dangers of GMO foods. They kill ...
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GLP’s Jon Entine cautions National Academy of Sciences about views of anti-science NGOs

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The GLP's executive director speaks at the National Academy of Sciences, which embarks on a comprehensive study of the “purported” ...
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29-year study of trillions of meals shows GE crops do not harm food-producing animals, humans

Genetic Literacy Project | 
According to GMO critics, livestock around the world are developing cancer and dropping like flies after eating genetically engineered feed ...
prof Vandana Shiva

Portrayal of Vandana Shiva as ‘credible’ spokesperson for GMO labeling crusade promotes anti-science ‘false balance’

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Reports in the GLP and by Michael Specter have painted a devastating picture of Vandana Shiva as an extremist who ...

Why liberals are embracing GMOs and rejecting mandatory labeling

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Polls show that support for GMOs is weakest among those who call themselves liberals. But slowly that's begun to change ...