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23andMe chasing Parkinson’s clues through genomic data mining

Wired | 
In 2015, 23andMe began inking lucrative research agreements with pharma giants like Genentech and Pfizer, in addition to launching its own R&D ...

‘Mosquito factory’ churns out sterile males produced without genetic modification to fight Zika

Wired | 
100,000 live mosquitoes, all male, all incapable of producing offspring [are released daily in Fresno, California]. … Though counterintuitive, the ...
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Carnivores beware: Meat allergies skyrocketing thanks to lone star tick

Wired | 
In the last decade and a half, thousands of previously protein-loving Americans have developed a dangerous allergy to meat. And ...

CRISPR needs ‘global consensus’ in fight to ameliorate diseases

Wired | 
[A]t WIRED’s 2017 Business Conference in New York, Jennifer Doudna said it was...Crispr custom-designed human offspring that made her take ...

Sensationalism or news? Was journal right to publish CRISPR ‘off-target mutations’ study?

Wired | 
[When] doctors from Columbia, Stanford, and the University of Iowa published a one-page letter to the editor of Nature Methods describing...2,000 unintended ...

Tree vaccine: ‘Weaponized’ GM virus could save Florida citrus industry from greening disease

Wired | 
Florida’s citrus growers are running out of time. Since 2005, when a deadly disease called citrus greening first showed up ...

Rigging natural selection: Fight against Zika requires mosquito genes that resist mutations

Wired | 
Of the many great things promised by Crispr gene editing technology, the ability to eliminate disease by modifying organisms might ...

770,000 spit samples yield genetic map of America’s post-colonial migrations

Wired | 
Using more than 770,000 spit samples taken from their customers over the last five years, researchers [at the genealogy company ...
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Unintended consequences? Genetic engineering innovation stifled by Toxic Substances Control Act

Wired | 
[L]ast summer Congress issued reforms to the Toxic Substances Control Act, a 30 year old law governing how the EPA ...
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Promise by GENOs start-up to sequence more genes may not mean more helpful information

Wired | 
Who will be the Apple of individualized genomics? The latest contender is Genos, a genetic sequencing startup that is unveiling ...

Stem cell therapy may enter era of “Inject and see what happens”

Wired | 
According to Congress, the logical way [to bring revolutionary treatments to patients sooner] is the 21st Century Cures Act, a ...
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From caution to urgency: Climate change, poverty prompting Tanzanians to reconsider GMOs

Wired | 
...In the last 18 months, unusually high temperatures and a brutal El Niño have punished many parts of Africa with ...

Fear, confusion block acceptance of potentially life saving GMO goat milk

Undark | 
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