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Epigenetics finding completely upends our understanding of drug addiction

Epigenetics finding completely upends our understanding of drug addiction

Quanta | 
I was taught to scoff at Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and his theory that traits acquired through life experience could be passed on to ...
trump rally reuters

Viewpoint: Trump’s inflammatory appeals triggered support for him in 2016. Here’s why scientists think it won’t happen again

Scientific American | 
In the 2016 election, undecided voters were influenced by the brain’s fear-driven impulses—more simply, gut instinct—once they arrived inside the ...
asleep bedtime dreaming naptime

‘Peculiar brain waves’ during sleep may be key to forming memories, study suggests

Scientific American | 
Neuroscientists have always presumed that learning and memory depend on strengthening or weakening the connection points between neurons (synapses), increasing ...
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