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Does the ‘genetics revolution’ unsettle you? Here is a guide, and reasons to be hopeful

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I'm thrilled that DNA science has become so much more tangible and practical. Yet we must use the information wisely ...
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When blood relatives hook up: Is ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’ really a thing?

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I hope that academic sex researchers will ramp up investigation of genetic sexual attraction ...
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Viewpoint: Netflix’s new horror movie ‘Eli’ is a fright. But why did they have to ‘tarnish gene therapy’?

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Attempts to treat genetic disease shouldn’t be the stuff of horror films ...
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Ancestry tests underreport African genetic diversity, limiting benefits of precision medicine for blacks. Here’s how we can change that.

The newly-sequenced African genomes will help fill in the outlines of the origin and diversification of humanity ...

15 things to know about fecal transplants – here’s the straight poop

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Fecal transplants carry a certain ick factor for many people. But there is a legitimate medical use for them -- ...
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Hemophilia B—the blood disease that plagued Europe’s royal families—might be treatable using gene editing

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Researchers are hoping to use gene editing to create more effective and less expensive treatment options--compared to gene therapy--for people ...
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What sperm banks could learn from Fox’s ‘Almost Family’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ sequel ‘The Testaments’

It’s time for tighter regulation of assisted reproductive technologies ...

Did a ‘flawed’ bioterror plot doom Netflix’s ‘Designated Survivor’?

The bioterror plot succeeded, in tone if not in detail, by illuminating the idiocy of white supremacy ...
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Using young blood to battle Alzheimer’s could be ‘an exciting new start in a frustrating field’

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The idea of therapeutic benefits from 'young blood' has been around a long time ...
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No ‘gay gene’: Massive study finds no specific genetic predictors for sexual behavior, preferences

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The once-prevailing concept of a “gay gene” dictating sexual orientation has been put to rest in a powerhouse study ...

‘We simply don’t yet know enough’: International commission urges caution with human germline editing

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Using CRISPR in a heritable way raises the stakes exponentially ...
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How a one-time CRISPR shot could obliterate lower back pain

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CRISPR may be able to block back pain by dampening the immune system’s cytokine signals ...
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The ‘magic mix’ of ingredients responsible for the Impossible Burger’s taste and texture

The actual science behind the Impossible Burger is fascinating ...

‘Why did I get cancer?’ We can do more to alleviate ‘angst, guilt’ accompanying a diagnosis

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More time spent explaining the biology of cancer to patients can help alleviate angst and guilt.  ...
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How microbiome research promises to solve blood shortages, halt food allergies and give us better skin

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A microbiome isn’t just something to maintain or optimize – it can also be a crystal ball ...
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Pot smokers with this genetic variant could face addiction risks similar to those who smoke cigarettes

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Back in the 1960s and 1970s, for those of us who can remember them, marijuana was widely regarded as not ...

Pharmacogenetics and depression: Genetic screening could eliminate trial-and-error approach to medications

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Antidepressants may soon be added to the growing list of medications genetically matched to patients most likely to respond — ...
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Do China’s controversial CRISPR babies illustrate the need for an ‘undo button’?

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Will CRISPR-in-the-clinic come with a fail-safe mechanism? ...
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DNA for the greater good: Should the police have access to consumer DNA databases?

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There is an urgent need for international guidelines and policies ...

How this promising gene therapy for a rare neuromuscular disease was fueled by passionate parents and a dog

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The gene therapy will be too late for Joshua Frase. But it will be his legacy ...
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‘The broken promise of anonymity’? Bioethicist’s call to guard identity of sperm and egg donors is misguided

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Dr. Pennings’ opinion fails to capture the complexity of donation ...
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Revived pig brains may unleash uncomfortable questions for how we define death

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The researchers hypothesized an “under-appreciated capacity” of an oxygen-starved mammalian brain to survive ...

Exploring the havoc that can be unleashed by consumer ancestry tests

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On what fraction of a human genome do the consumer DNA companies base these deductions that can shatter lives? ...
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NASA twins study highlights key risks for long-term space travel: Cosmic rays and microgravity

When NASA reported preliminary observations about the famous “twin astronaut” study a year ago, the media rushed in, reporting the ...

Genetic uncertainty: When research participants should be told that their test results have changed

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“Do you mind if we take one more sample?” asked the endocrinologist who had already stuck six needles into the ...
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Taking a bad trip and why marijuana edibles may be a prescription for psychosis

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A study looked at high-potency cannabis and psychosis. The findings were astonishing ...