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French anti-GM protesters target “hidden GMOs”

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French anti-biotech activists are now destroying "hidden GMOs" -- that is crop varieties produced by mutation breeding ...
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Genetic exceptionalism and privacy

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Despite privacy fears, genetic information may be less damaging than other forms of personal medical data ...

GM wheat growing on a farm in Oregon: So what?

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The following is an edited excerpt. It's no big deal because the answer is that it is as at least ...
attack of the killer tomato

Scaremongers and ignorance might win with “Right to Know Act”

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If the "Right to Know Act" introduced to Congress passes, food companies might as well go ahead and slap GMO ...

Peak farmland means more room for nature

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The following is an edited excerpt. “Humanity now stands at Peak Farmland, and the 21st century will see release of ...

Top 5 lies about GM crops

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The following is an excerpt. The Institute for Responsible Technology, an organization opposed to crop biotechnology, has published a list of reasons ...
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Is Obama kowtowing to anti-biotech activists?

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Reason (blog)Is Obama Kowtowing to Anti-Biotech Activists?Reason (blog)For the past 17 years, AquaBounty Technologies has been doggedly pursuing Food and ...