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There are a lot of psychopaths amongst us… and some of them are gifts to society

Real Clear Science | 
As a happily married family man and a successful neuroscientist at the University of California-Irvine, [James] Fallon didn't exactly fit ...

COVID = Less sex and more porn

Real Clear Science | 
In a recent paper published to the Archives of Sexual Behavior, [professor of media psychology and design Nicola] Döring explored a few of ...

What is the slippery notion of ‘consciousness’?

Real Clear Science | 
As humans, we know we [are conscious] but haven't a clue how it arises. It's a facet of intelligent life ...

Powerful psychedelic drug ibogaine could help people kick opioid addictions

Real Clear Science | 
Somewhere around two million Americans suffer from opioid-related substance use disorder. Treatments like buprenorphine and methadone calm the brain circuits affected by opioids, reducing ...

‘Spoken language doesn’t leave fossils’: Did human’s ability to speak arise in an instantaneous hominin mutation?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Linguist Noam Chomsky suggested that a mutation in a single ancient ancestor gave rise to human language today ...
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Afraid of glyphosate and other synthetic pesticides? You eat 10,000 times more of the natural ones made by plants

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Fruits and vegetables have evolved thousands of built-in pesticides chemically similar to the ones created in labs ...
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How did early humans avoid being wiped out by tuberculosis?

Real Clear Science | 
Tuberculosis is responsible for as many as one billion deaths in the last 200 years alone, but its murderous history ...
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First plants didn’t evolve flower color to attract pollinators, study suggests

Real Clear Science | 
Flowering plants feature a wondrous array of colors, the primary purpose of which is to attract insect pollinators. But this ...
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Ancient Egyptians loved beer. Here’s the recipe they used to brew it

Real Clear Science | 
The ancient Egyptians loved beer. According to Mohamed A. Farag, a Professor of Chemistry at The American University in Cairo: ...
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Too many carbs, calories? Nope. Lack of fiber biggest problem with American diets

Real Clear Science | 
Ask Americans about what they think is the biggest problem with their diets and you'll probably hear a variety of ...

Viewpoint: 5 popular Netflix documentaries serve up pseudoscience about agriculture, chemicals and nutrition

Real Clear Science | 
Netflix brought in $15.8 billion in revenue in 2018 in part because the streaming service floods subscribers with a deluge ...

Podcast: ‘Artificial womb’ raises awkward ethical questions about abortion, child welfare and health freedom

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Biotechnology is fundamentally changing food and medicine. Thanks to genetic engineering, for example, we have access vitamin-fortified GMO crops, plentiful ...

As arguments rage over the sources of transgender identity, science weighs in

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Discussing gender dysphoria and brain differences in transgender populations ...

Mimicking brain death: The danger of overdosing on this muscle relaxer

Real Clear Science | 
In a new case report, Turkish doctors from Dokuz Eylul University present a curious case of drug intoxication mimicking brain ...

Controversial theory linking herpes to Alzheimer’s bolstered by study

Real Clear Science | 
An outside-the-box theory received new attention in an extensive study published [June 21] to the journal Neuron. Researchers based out of the Icahn ...
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Big data meets taxonomy: Classifying animal species with ‘DNA barcoding’

Real Clear Science | 
[T]axonomy – the science of classifying organisms – would be so much easier if life forms came with barcodes… Interestingly enough, ...

Do ‘brain training’ games actually help kids’ cognitive skills?

Real Clear Science | 
In just 13 years, brain training has sprouted from a fledgling industry to a behemoth projected to be worth as much ...

Reproductive warfare: Do infertile ‘kamikaze sperm’ thwart rival males?

Real Clear Science | 
In the 1990s, biologist Robin Baker put forth the idea that a significant proportion of human sperm are not actually capable of ...

Why we find ourselves at the limits of human lifespan

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The 20th century was a period of unprecedented biological growth for our species. The average human lifespan increased from 31 years in ...