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Addgene scientists negotiating work life balance

Fueling CRISPR: The nonprofit dedicated to sharing ‘bits of useful DNA’

Atlantic | 
When Feng Zhang was a graduate student in the early 2000s, he helped make a groundbreaking discovery: Light-sensitive proteins from ...

Genetically engineered monkeys? China is using them for autism research

Atlantic | 
[MIT genetics researcher Guoping] Feng now travels to China several times a year, because there, he can pursue research he ...
feng zhang lemelson mit prize

CRISPR innovator Feng Zhang on treating human diseases: ‘We’re still a ways from that’

Atlantic | 
[Biologist Feng Zhang] has already made two discoveries tipped to win Nobel Prizes. The big one, the one that shot ...
golden state killer left dna on car door handle

Small genealogy website GEDmatch ‘never expected’ its criminal-catching use

Atlantic | 
Ever since investigators revealed that a genealogy website led police to arrest a man as California’s notorious Golden State Killer, interest ...
web L TalbotArraignment EDH

The future of ‘genetic genealogy’ crime solving

Atlantic | 
Just three weeks ago, law enforcement in California announced the arrest of the Golden State Killer using DNA. … On ...
horseshoecrab jpg x q crop smart

Are we done bleeding horseshoe crabs for pharmaceutical use?

Atlantic | 
Contemporary humans do not deliberately kill the horseshoe crabs—as did previous centuries of farmers catching them for fertilizer or fishermen ...

Our bodies churn out trillions of mutations each day—why aren’t we ‘walking bags of cancer’?

Atlantic | 
As you read this article, the cells in your body are dividing and the DNA in them is being copied, ...

All yeast strains likely descended from common ancestor in China

Atlantic | 
When scientists in France set out to sequence 1,000 yeast genomes, they looked at strains from all the places you ...
female mexican fruit fly insect

What the humble fruit fly has taught us about human genetics

Atlantic | 
I came to First in Fly, a new book about fruit-fly research, with perhaps some special interest. In fact, a popular ...
cc Erlich TimLee

‘White-hat hacker’ Columbia University geneticist Yaniv Erlich maps his 13-million-person family tree

Atlantic | 
Yaniv Erlich has been a white-hat hacker and a geneticist at Columbia University, and now he works for a genealogy company. This unusual ...
Ginkgo Lab

Ginkgo Bioworks’ mission to make GMOs fun, cool and socially conscious

Atlantic | 
Out on an old Navy dry dock, a biotech company called Ginkgo Bioworks is growing genetically modified organisms by the ...
killingrats n web

Uptown rats? Rodents in New York City have genetically adapted to different neighborhoods

Atlantic | 
As a whole, Manhattan’s rats are genetically most similar to those from Western Europe, especially Great Britain and France. They ...

Proof the yeti exists? DNA analysis shows bone ‘samples’ came from bears

Atlantic | 
In the fall of 2013, Charlotte Lindqvist got a call from a film company making an Animal Planet documentary about ...

Dolly the sheep revisited: Early health fears about clones ‘greatly exaggerated’

Atlantic | 
[L]ast year, Kevin Sinclair, a developmental biologist at the University of Nottingham, published a paper about several clones including Dolly’s four “sisters,” who ...
cndtgmprnlkess xuawd

Video: CRISPR gene editing in real time

Atlantic | 
[Researcher Osamu] Nureki’s paper was published in Nature Communications Friday, and by early morning, the video that astonished the room in [a CRISPR ...
Biobank main C

DNA profiles of 500,000 people put online by UK Biobank in massive research effort

Atlantic | 
U.K. Biobank [recruited] 500,000 volunteers for a massive study on the origins of disease. In addition to collecting blood and urine, ...

Unapproved stem cell therapy leaves elderly women blind

Atlantic | 
[E]ye doctors based primarily at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami had published a widely covered report describing three eerily similar cases: ...
lead e

Genetically engineered natural insecticides? RNAi crops with built-in protection hit the market

Atlantic | 
DvSnf7 dsRNA is an unusual insecticide. You don’t spray it on crops. Instead, you encode instructions for manufacturing it in ...
slc lt f d e f af e fc d db b f nbcnews ux

Tracing Mormon ancestry may help uncover mysteries of colon and breast cancer

Atlantic | 
Nobody knew it then, but the genetic mutation came to Utah by wagon with the Hinman family. Lyman Hinman found ...
bacterial mats in the grand prismatic spring

Energized evolution: How Earth’s history has been shaped by energy discoveries

Atlantic | 
Humans bodies require a ridiculous and—for most of Earth’s history—improbable amount of energy to stay alive. Consider a human dropped ...
Screen Shot at PM

Glowing Plant’s failed Kickstarter venture highlights pitfalls of synthetic biology

Atlantic | 
The latest update came quietly on [in April 2017]. “We’re sorry to say that we have reached a significant transition ...

Booming market in novelty consumer DNA tests aimed at lifestyle, wellness and entertainment

Atlantic | 
Stephane Budel has an idea for an app: You get your DNA sequenced to find out which comic book superhero ...

Do assumptions about race in genetics research promote the Alt-Right agenda?

Atlantic | 
[On the Internet, there are] pages after pages of Stormfront discussions on the reliability of 23andMe ancestry results and whether ...
Screen Shot at PM

Chinese use CRISPR to breed hairier cashmere goats

Atlantic | 
In China, the world’s top producer of cashmere, scientists have been trying to breed more productive cashmere goats. They’ve now ...
Gwinnett girl funeral HS

Genetic autopsies offer more questions than answers for grieving families

Atlantic | 
[S]equencing DNA has become orders of magnitude cheaper and more sophisticated. With medical examiners considering DNA tests as part of ...
Fruits and Vegetables

CRISPR opens door to new generation of more nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables

Atlantic | 
A few weeks ago, Stefan Jansson, a Swedish plant biologist, sat down to a plate of pasta with cabbage harvested from his ...

Video: Presenting genetics lab of tomorrow

Wired | 
The latest advancements in biotechnology and gene editing mean scientists need a more efficient and effective lab environment to conduct ...

Does labeling GMOs with QR scan codes make sense?

Wired | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. . . . [A] ...
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