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2-4-2019 brain

Controversial brain preservation company Nectome seeks second, more ethical, chance

Robert McIntyre would like to get a few things straight. That “waiting list” of people plunking down $10,000 to have ...

‘CRISPR babies’ prompt review of international gene-editing guidelines: They ‘were not clear enough’

Less than two years after producing an exhaustive report on human genome editing, the U.S. National Academy of Medicine and the National ...

Controversial Chinese gene-editing scientist downplays reports suggesting he could face death penalty

The Chinese scientist who shocked the world in November by announcing that twin girls had been born from embryos that he had created ...

Converting thought to speech: Brain implants could help paralyzed patients communicate

[Neurosurgeon Ashesh Mehta] was operating on [an] epilepsy patient to determine the source of seizures. But the patient agreed to ...

Ethics and the controversial decision to make gene-edited babies

For someone who has caused a worldwide uproar over what many fellow scientists consider an ethical outrage, He Jiankui of ...

Start up Nebula Genomics offers free full genome sequencing, but there’s a privacy catch

Information wants to be free, says the old internet meme, and a genomics company will now apply that to DNA: ...
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Treating genetic disorders before birth? CRISPR cures mouse disease in the womb

Nearly 40 years after surgeons first operated on fetuses to cure devastating abnormalities, researchers have taken the first step toward curing genetic ...

Were ‘crucial contributors’ snubbed in awarding Nobel prize for cancer immunotherapy?

[I]t’s rare that Nobel announcements don’t produce grumblings about who was left out, and this year was no exception. At ...
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This natural defense strategy could help some genes fend off CRISPR edits

Sowbugs, armadillos, hedgehogs… and DNA? The same strategy that some animals use to avoid being attacked — roll into a ...

‘Blitzkrieg of biology’ reveals secrets of BRCA1 breast cancer mutation

For 22 years Myriad Genetics, one of the oldest genetic testing companies, has refused to make public its proprietary database of BRCA1 ...

Microdosing claims put to the test: Researchers looking at psilocybin mushrooms for depression

Microdosing involves taking roughly one-tenth the “trip” dose of a psychedelic drug, an amount too little to trigger hallucinations but ...
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Viewpoint: Drug developers are abandoning current Alzheimer’s patients. Why is no one complaining?

Although the latest analysis of experimental Alzheimer’s drugs finds that literally zero are being tested in late-stage clinical trials to treat moderate ...
French Anderson AP x

Examining the legacy of W. French Anderson—’father of gene therapy’ and convicted child molester

[Dr. W. French] Anderson has been hailed as the father of gene therapy and was honored at George H.W. Bush’s ...
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‘Wake-up call’? CRISPR gene editing may cause ‘genetic havoc’, study suggests

From the earliest days of the CRISPR-Cas9 era, scientists have known that the first step in how it edits genomes — snipping ...

What we need to know about reports suggesting CRISPR can cause cancer

STAT’s story about CRISPR-edited cells often lacking a functional gene known to prevent cancer caused a bit of a stir... Cut to ...

Studies warn that CRISPR gene edits could trigger cancer

Editing cells’ genomes with CRISPR-Cas9 might increase the risk that the altered cells, intended to treat disease, will trigger cancer, two studies ...
Kavli Prize CRISPR winners Lede

Who deserves credit for CRISPR? There’s a ‘profound disconnect between law and science’

One of the world’s richest science awards, given only in alternate years, will go to three discoverers of the CRISPR-Cas9 ...
pregnant women

Genes linked to schizophrenia significantly increase risk if there are pregnancy complications

Far be it from us to tell 23andMe how to run its business, but if it or any other DNA company wants ...
GENOME master

Can we recode the human genome to resist viruses?

[T]wo years in, an ambitious project to synthesize genomes — including human ones — is moving on from its shaky ...

CRISPR patent dispute is back in court. What should we expect?

It’s baaaaack, that reputation-shredding, stock-moving fight to the death over key CRISPR patents. On [April 30] in Washington, D.C., the ...

Video: How genetics is revolutionizing medicine and disease research

This three-part series of documentary shorts, produced by Retro Report in partnership with STAT, looks back at the roots of three of ...

CRISPR update calms fears about off-target editing effects

The fear that CRISPR-based genome repair for preventing or treating genetic diseases will be derailed by “editing gone wild” has ...
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Reconstructing genome of ancient bird opens door to reviving lost species

Scientists at Harvard University have assembled the first nearly complete genome of the little bush moa, a flightless bird that ...

CRISPR as a ‘medical sleuth’: Gene-editing tool could detect Zika, Ebola and cancer

Some of the world’s leading CRISPR labs have, independently, tweaked CRISPR — adding bursts of light here and rings of ...

Precision CRISPR repairs blindness in mice, could herald human treatments

In genome-editing, the challenge for CRISPR-wielding scientists is to edit only one of the two copies, or alleles, of every ...

Broken barrier: Monkeys are first primates to be cloned

There have been mice and cows and pigs and camels, bunnies and bantengs and ferrets and dogs, but ever since ...

Are ‘incredible genes’ protecting President Trump’s health?

Unless someone swipes one of President Trump’s used forks from the Mar-a-Lago dining room and sends it to 23andMe for ...
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Could we fight HIV with new Car-T therapy?

Scientific American | 
The same kind of DNA tinkering that produced the first FDA-approved gene therapy for cancer has shown hints of suppressing and even ...