Can genetic testing help prevent the next mass murder?

Can DNA explain why Adam Lanza and James Holmes both went on shooting rampages?

Some geneticists at the University of Connecticut think so. Backed by a public mandate to look at mental health in the wake of 2012’s rampant shootings, the researchers hope to discover whether there was something unusual about Sandy Hook Elementary School rampage killer Adam Lanza’s DNA. Lanza, who killed 20 children and six staff in an assault on the school, will have his genetic material screened to determine whether aberrant genetic factors such as DNA duplications or deletions or random mutations could have affected his behavior.

Are these efforts going to help prevent the next Newtown or Aurora? No way to tell for sure, but unlikely.

View the original article here: James Holmes and Adam Lanza: Their DNA May Hold Clues On What Makes a Mass Shooter

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