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Biotech Facts & Fallacies
Genetics Unzipped
The GLP Library contains over 25,000 articles—it is among the largest online repositories of genetics knowledge
8 advocacy organizations and websites spreading misinformation about technology, chemicals, agriculture, food and environmental risks
Video: Could fast food make you so impatient you forget to ‘stop and smell the roses’?
‘Realistic’ exposure to insecticide sulfoxaflor poses no notable risk to honeybees, study shows
Plant breeding efforts strained by climate change and booming food demand. Is CRISPR the answer?
What’s in the biomedical pipeline for CRISPR gene editing?
Delay aging and extend our lifespans? Gene therapy might be able to do that
For some COVID victims, it’s a tortured path regaining a sense of smell
Foods made from gene-edited wheat may contain lower levels of potentially carcinogenic chemical acrylamide
Viewpoint: 20 years into the human genome revolution, how can we make genomics more accessible and transparent?
Meet black footed ferret Elizabeth Ann, the first cloned endangered species in North America
Synthetic biology is creating a more sustainable world—advancing precision medicine, curbing pollution, conserving energy and securing data
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