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Zimbabwean farmers push for GMO cotton approval after South Africa, Sudan, Botswana, Malawi and Burkina Faso see increased outputs and poverty reduction
Virgin birth? It’s actually been observed in about 80 vertebrate species, and most recently, in sharks
There are still no approved and effective therapies for thousands of ‘long haul’ COVID patients
COVID vaccine confusion: Why is there so much conflicting advice about if and when to get a booster shot?
Obesity, epilepsy, fatty liver and sleep disorders genetically linked to ADHD in adults
Viewpoint: Sri Lanka economic crisis deepens as recently-imposed chemical fertilizer ban stirs inflation in a country already suffering from the pandemic
For the first time, India opens gates to imported GM farm products for use as animal feed
How tall will your children be? Here are the nature versus nurture factors
DNA in space: First CRISPR gene-editing study by astronauts opens door to future experimentation
‘Optogenetics’ miracle? Gene therapy and high-tech goggles partially restore sight to man blinded for 40 years
Viewpoint: Meta-review of 266 studies concludes weedkiller paraquat doesn’t cause Parkinson’s disease
While Africa seeks to harmonize crop biotechnology regulations, activists ‘corporate infiltration’ narrative
Feel refreshed on just 5 hours of rest per night? Some people are blessed with ‘short sleep’ genes
Wind-proof corn? New hybrid variety withstands 100 mile per hour winds, helping crops survive unpredictable and extreme weather
As the dairy industry inches toward adopting ‘regenerative agriculture’ practices, tensions emerge between large-scale operations and anti-corporate purists
Cheese without the cow? Lactose-intolerant Shell engineer developing gene-edited soybean-based ‘cheese’ that stretches, tastes and toasts just like the real thing
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