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The GLP Library contains over 25,000 articles—it is among the largest online repositories of genetics knowledge
In search of sustainability: EU scientists urge policymakers to embrace both organic farming and genetically engineered crops
How did humans transition from saber-tooth tiger prey to masters of the planet?
If you've received a COVID vaccine, how worried should you be about catching the Delta variant?
Still unsure about the COVID shot? Here are 10 common vaccine myths dispelled
Reckoning with lingering sluggishness from ‘pandemic brain’
‘What isn’t an endocrine disruptor?’ Silent Spring Institute claims hundreds of common chemicals cause breast cancer — but the science is lacking
‘Genetic pain’: Prince Harry’s comments stir controversial debate over whether we can inherit our parents’ traumas
Viewpoint: Might CRISPR gene editing ‘unleash dangerous mutants, designer babies and new weapons of mass destruction?’
‘Optogenetics’ miracle? Gene therapy and high-tech goggles partially restore sight to man blinded for 40 years
GMO breakthrough: Philippines becomes first country to approve nutrition-enhanced Golden Rice for commercial sale; Bangladesh next
Vulnerable populations in the developing world could benefit most from gene-driven technology revolution in agriculture
Viewpoint: What’s the future of individualized medicine when you factor in ‘racial’ and genetic differences?
Foie gras without the guilt: Lab-grown duck and goose liver in the works
Impossible Foods taking on mega-huge chicken nugget market with its GMO, plant-based alternative
Lab grown technology extends far beyond meat — to diamonds, trees and even human bones
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