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Farmers warn Mexico’s GM corn ban will raise food prices
COVID is outsmarting our immune systems — and it’s rendering essential monoclonal antibody treatments less effective
Infographic: Asians are the most likely ethnic group to get vaccinated — but Hispanic and Black Americans lag behind
Viewpoint: Reassessing the reassessments of COVID’s origins — The Wuhan lab leak theory is still the less likely scenario but we may never know for sure
‘Mixed-handers’ make up less than 1% of the world’s population — except in the NBA where 1 in 12 stars play and write with different hands. What’s going on?
Viewpoint: ‘Smart pesticide use’ — Here’s a way we can protect crops while preserving beneficial insects
Podcast: Bad science in the headlines—Epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat explains how to spot flawed research on Google News
CRISPRoff: Gene editing epigenetic method allows researchers to turn most genes in the human genome on and off without altering DNA sequences
Viewpoint: 'Magic promised by genetically pruning ‘defective’ embryos has fairy-dusted the eyes of even the most intelligent’ — Maybe it’s time to hit the pause button
‘Optogenetics’ miracle? Gene therapy and high-tech goggles partially restore sight to man blinded for 40 years
COVID-19 may have arrived in US as early as December 2019, NIH says
Podcast: Will gene editing's potential be realized in agriculture? GLP's Jon Entine and Innovation Forum's Toby Webb talk about the future of genetic modification
Viewpoint: Precision education? Genetic tests purporting to ascertain students’ educational capabilities under fire
Too smart for our own good: How artificial superintelligence could lead to humanity’s demise
Video: GLP’s Jon Entine at Aspen Institute conference — Why organic advocates should stop demonizing biotechnology and embrace a sustainability-focused ‘all tools in the agriculture toolbox’ philosophy
Search for the perfect cell-donor cow: Why cultured lab-grown beef is the future of sustainable meat
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