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15 things to know about fecal transplants – here’s the straight poop

Ricki Lewis | 
Fecal transplants carry a certain ick factor for many people. But there is a legitimate medical use for them -- ...
food crate

Genetic engineering, CRISPR and food: What the ‘revolution’ will bring in the near future

Steven Cerier | 
Genetic engineering and gene editing have the potential to radically transform our lives if they can overcome the objections of ...
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Can we slow the progression of Alzheimer’s by seeding our guts with ‘better’ bacteria?

Jenna Sternberg | 
Male — but not female — mice had reduced amyloid beta plaques in the brain after antibiotic treatment ...
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Podcast: Farm Aid concert meant to support US agriculture spreads GMO, ‘factory farming’ myths

Kevin Folta, Michelle Miller | 
In recent years, Farm Aid's laudable effort to support US agriculture has morphed into a promotional event for organic food ...
marijuna use common for nausea in pregnancy x

How a ‘dubious’ 50-year-old study fuels marijuana use by pregnant women—against the advice of health experts

Alice Callahan | 
Social media users extol — and health experts decry — a study from Jamaica suggesting cannabis use poses no harm ...
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Viewpoint: Don’t expect synthetic biology to reverse climate change. But it could help, if we use it correctly.

Kostas Vavitsas | 
There are several ways in which synthetic biology may have a positive contribution to our carbon footprint ...
potatoes in space greenhouse

How genetically engineered crops can help us colonize space

Rupesh Paudyal | 
If we are serious about settling on other planets, we must grow food efficiently outside the safe environment of Earth ...
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Experts ‘overwhelmingly’ endorse CRISPR-edited crop safety, but politics could stifle technology’s progress

Rim Lassoued | 
Genome edited crops pose marginal risk, yet regulations tend to discourage their use ...
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‘Every sneeze, kiss, or slap on the back could be part of a larger story’: How the microbiome affects our social lives

Lydia Denworth | 
Research confirms that who you spend time with is a powerful predictor of the microbes you carry. But these tiny ...
dronning victorias trusser til salg crop

Hemophilia B—the blood disease that plagued Europe’s royal families—might be treatable using gene editing

Ricki Lewis | 
Researchers are hoping to use gene editing to create more effective and less expensive treatment options--compared to gene therapy--for people ...
roundup vaccine

Do vaccines contain glyphosate? Anti-GMO claim requires ‘very unlikely scenario’

Andrew Porterfield | 
Many GMO critics believe that vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate. A look at how vaccines are made and how glyphosate ...

Can the gene editing technology known as CRISPR help reduce biodiversity loss worldwide?

Becky Mackelprang | 
CRISPR “could be such an amazing tool if we are respectful [and] responsible and use it properly.” ...

Podcast: Obesity, cancer and gut bacteria—how the microbiome impacts your health

Hilary Browne, Kat Arney, Rob Finn, Tim Spector | 
Get your hands dirty by delving into the microbiome - the trillions of bacteria that live inside our guts ...
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Fewer suicides, cancers and pesticide poisonings: Examining the health benefits of GMO crops

Stuart Smyth | 
Activists who desperately cling to lies about the risks of GM crops are now the ones who look 'very stupid.' ...
cdc director superbug antibiotics frieden intv super tease

Viewpoint: ‘Superbugs’ are here to stay. That doesn’t mean scientists are powerless to fight back.

Chandrabali Ghose, David Pride | 
Although it sometimes seems hopeless, there are ways to put the brakes on antibiotic resistance ...
n fix crops

Podcast: Synthetic fertilizer pollution threatens our ecosystems. Are nitrogen-fixing microbes the answer?

Kevin Folta, Michael Mille | 
Farmers need nitrogen fertilizer to maximize crop yields. Without it, our food supply would be nowhere near as abundant as ...

Podcast: How technology keeps cancer-causing mycotoxins out of our food

Steve Savage | 
Here's a question for you: what if there were dangerous toxins that could make their way into your food, but ...
impossible burger

Viewpoint: Ideological rift brews in anti-GMO movement as Americans embrace Impossible Burger

Mary Mangan | 
Redrawn battle lines expose a growing ideological rift in a once-cohesive anti-GMO movement and appear to signal a shift in ...
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4 things to know about epigenetics, including that most changes are not passed on to offspring

Kristen Hovet | 
Far more is unknown about epigenetics than is known. Let’s have a look at what we do know ...

Viewpoint: Don’t buy organic food if you want to increase farm yields or seriously address climate change

Steve Savage | 
As consumers, our most climate-responsible buying behavior should be to reject organic and its false narratives ...
impossible foods makes east coast retail debut after successful launch in california wrbm large

Infographic: USDA bioengineered food label makes grocery store debut on GMO Impossible Burger

Cameron English | 
Impossible Foods has enthusiastically defended its use of genetic engineering to produce meat substitutes ...

Chasing origins of anorexia: Are there genetic links to the complicated disorder?

Kristen Hovet | 
Anorexia has long been treated as a psychological condition. But recent research, including a landmark genome-wide association study, are prompting scientists ...
bt cowpea fields

Raging debate: Ghana’s move to commercialize its first GMO cowpea met with mix of optimism and fear

Ankur Paliwal | 
The country plans to release the modified seeds this year or next. Will they benefit the small farmers they were ...
ar happiness hero

Evolution doesn’t want you to be happy or satisfied. We’re supposed to ‘survive and reproduce.’

Rafael Euba | 
While the pursuit of happiness seems like a worthwhile goal, evolution thinks otherwise ...

Podcast: How ‘activist science’ behind IARC’s glyphosate assessment fuels unjustified cancer lawsuits

David Zaruk, Kevin Folta | 
In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published a monograph concluding that glyphosate, the active ingredient in ...
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Controversial GMO American chestnut could provide blueprint for saving endangered species

Rowan Jacobsen | 
To those who are fearful of GMOs, it is the most dangerous tree in the world. To the rest of ...