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Viewpoint: Science denialism threatens the potential of gene-edited crops

Steven Cerier | 
Undermining science that does not fit into one's intellectual or political framework is dangerous ...

Should parents be allowed to choose a child’s sexual orientation through gene editing?

Wael Taji | 
Where do our sexual preferences come from? Most of us don’t stop to ponder, simply because there’s no need to ...
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Viewpoint: Wild bees on the decline? Lack of evidence challenges popular environmentalist narrative

Henry Miller | 
'We can’t be simultaneously in the midst of a pollinator crisis threatening our ability to grow food and see continually ...
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Retinitis pigmentosa cure breakthrough? Next generation of artificial lenses being developed with flexible silicon-like chips to combat genetic blindness

M. Mitchell Waldrop | 
Organic semiconductors can link up with brain cells to send and receive signals. They may find a use in sight-restoring ...
n fix crops

Podcast: How nitrogen-fixing bacteria can cut fertilizer use 30-50%

Kevin Folta, Nolan Berg | 
In the early 20th century, Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch revolutionized agriculture. The two German chemists developed a technique, now ...
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Viewpoint: With Conservative sweep of the ‘Brexit election’, Boris Johnson poised to steer the UK out of ‘outdated’ EU GMO, CRISPR regulations

Maria Chaplia | 
If the UK replaces the EU's overly cautious biotech rules with a pro-innovation scheme, it could become a true global ...

‘Natural health’ and conspiracy sites exploit social media to fester opposition to GMO crops. Here’s a study about what can be done to stop it

Cameron English | 
The unsatisfactory answer to 'How do we control the spread of disinformation?" may be, "We don't know yet." ...
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Does the ‘genetics revolution’ unsettle you? Here is a guide, and reasons to be hopeful

Ricki Lewis | 
I'm thrilled that DNA science has become so much more tangible and practical. Yet we must use the information wisely ...
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Podcast: Sneaky sheep, substandard stallions and sperm wars

Stories of sneaky sheep, substandard racing stallions, and news from the front lines of the sperm wars ...

Billion-year-old microbes could give us new food, fuel sources—if we can figure out how to use them

Kostas Vavitsas | 
We can’t afford to let this potential biotech breakthrough go to waste ...
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Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch: The chemists who revolutionized fertilizer production, changing agriculture forever

Alexander Hammond | 
Without the efforts of Haber and Bosch, the world’s population would be much smaller ...

Brave new world? Why the public might be ready for gene-edited babies

Kristen Hovet | 
Gene-editing tools like CRISPR/Cas9 are rapidly bringing the possibilities forward ...
Field of oilseed rape with bees e

Viewpoint: How a small group of scientists and pliable media created a ‘catastrophe narrative’ that hurts bees and farmers

Henry Miller | 
The scientists who glommed onto the “bee-pocalypse” narrative never bothered to go back and correct the record ...
istock x pregnancy

How a fetus’s developing brain may be shaped by mom’s mental state

Catherine Monk, Jyoti Madhusoodanan | 
Stress and anxiety during pregnancy can mean a higher risk of offspring developing ADHD, depression or other conditions. Medical psychologist ...
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Podcast: How activists and politicians derailed South Australia’s attempt to embrace GMO crops

Caroline Rhodes, Kevin Folta | 
Activists in Australia are manipulating politicians with fear and doubt to restrict farmer choice ...
dna and crime

DNA databases as crime deterrent: As more ‘cold cases’ are solved, are would-be criminals growing wary?

Oscar Schwartz | 
Some research suggests the mere existence of DNA databases may now be helping to prevent crime. But even if that’s ...

Kim Kardashian West’s battle with psoriatic arthritis: Will understanding the genetics of the autoimmune disorder point to a cure?

Kristen Hovet | 
While there is no cure, appropriate and early treatment can help prevent major damage to affected parts of the body ...
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Is there a place for CRISPR gene editing in organic farming? Many farmers say ‘yes’

Steven Cerier | 
Denying ourselves these benefits to protect distorted ideas about what's 'natural' is nonsensical ...
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Why the quest to ‘cure’ cancer may be destined to fail

Many of the risk factors to do with cancer are related to lifestyle, so there is concrete action people can ...
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Viewpoint: How international anti-biotech activists manipulate year-old Mexican government to block crop GMO innovations

Luis Ventura | 
Mexico's leadership should not restrict crop biotechnology based on personal beliefs or scientific misinformation ...
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Has modern agriculture ‘tainted’ your Thanksgiving dinner?

Cameron English | 
The Environmental Working Group knows how to grab headlines with ominous claims about America's food supply. In 2018, the Washington, ...

Religious beliefs shape our thinking on cloning, stem cells and gene editing

David Warmflash | 
Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam react to new technologies in their own ways ...
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Podcast: How artificial intelligence, machine learning can help us realize the value of all that genetic data we’re collecting

Gabe Musso, Kevin Folta | 
Everywhere we look these days, someone is talking about the potential for artificial intelligence and machines to change the face ...
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Is ‘natural’ better than ‘artificial’? Skincare products underscore why that view is wrongheaded

Maria Semykoz | 
Synthetic and 'chemical-sounding' preservatives in cosmetics are safer than the alternatives that are marketed as 'natural' ...

Pesticides endanger humans, animals, beneficial insects? Rethinking simplistic notions, understanding trade-offs in sustainability and health

John Cumbers | 
As much as pesticides are a threat to certain ecosystems, they’re also responsible for providing the planet with food in ...
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Viewpoint: Generation Z to environmentalists: If you care about sustainability, embrace GMOs and gene edited crops

Chris Barnard | 
It is important that this new generation follow the facts, not just rigid environmental orthodoxy ...
suicidal thoughts

Treating ‘suicidality’ as its own medical condition could spur research, better treatment options

Temma Ehrenfeld | 
There is no established method of identifying patients in immediate danger of attempting suicide. Some researchers are trying to change ...