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Podcast: GMOs to blame for coronavirus? Catching COVID-19 twice; junk studies fuel biotech skepticism

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
As the world continues to struggle against the rapidly spreading coronavirus, anti-GMO activists are blaming crop biotechnology for the pandemic ...
skynews herd immunity coronavirus

Herd immunity and where it fits in the fight against the coronavirus

Sam Moxon | 
During the opening phases of the coronavirus pandemic, government officials in the UK drew scorn from health experts after suggesting ...
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Podcast: The misused meta-analysis—How statistical trickery yields impressive but bogus study results

Geoffrey Kabat, Kevin Folta | 
A meta-analysis allows researchers to compile data from many smaller studies and, hopefully, find more conclusive answers to critical public ...
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Viewpoint: 6 debunked anti-GMO talking points activists should abandon for good

Agnès Ricroch | 
The public still accepts some blatant untruths about biotechnology, food safety, and sustainability ...
coronavirus vaccine treatment fauci covid

‘Designed to be slow’: Why these coronavirus vaccines in the pipeline won’t be ready this year

Ricki Lewis | 
New York City has become a curious mosaic of crowds and barrenness, people packed into hospitals and homes, yet familiar ...
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Viewpoint: Coronavirus journal—Anatomy of a pandemic

Geoffrey Kabat | 
The first case of what we now know to be COVID-19 was diagnosed on November 17, 2019 in Hubei province ...
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Disease is the greatest threat to bee health. Can we protect them through genetically engineered probiotics?

Kostas Vavitsas | 
If you cannot engineer the organism, engineer its microbiome. Since scientists began exploring how to solve problems using synthetic biology, ...
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3D-printed organs: Stuff of science fiction or an answer to the organ transplant shortage?

Sam Moxon | 
Among the more interesting applications of fast-moving 3D printing technology is its potential to help solve our critical organ transplant ...

With approval to plant GMO insect-resistant Bt cowpea, Nigerian farmer says her nation can lead Africa’s biotech ‘revolution’

Patience Koku | 
I haven’t wanted to plant cowpea here in Nigeria because the plant suffers from one of the worst enemies imaginable: ...
coronavirus latest how long does covid live on surfaces how long in the air

Coronavirus can remain viable on everyday surfaces for up to 3 days. Here’s how to protect yourself

Joseph Eisenberg | 
Disinfecting an area takes time and effort. And there is only so much you can do ...

‘Unforgiving math’: Why intensive agriculture is needed to fight climate change and feed 10 billion people

Ted Nordhaus | 
There is an unforgiving math at the interface of agriculture and the environment ...
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Viewpoint: Anti-vaccine, anti-GMO groups use coronavirus outbreak to stir unfounded 5G-cancer fears

Cameron English | 
Leave it to science denialists to exploit a global crisis and tragedy to spread health hysteria. As the world struggles ...
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What are mutagenized crops and why they are not labeled and regulated?

Humans have modified food crops for 10,000 years in order to develop varieties with beneficial traits including disease resistance, improved ...
NC Strawberry Grower

California grows 90% of America’s fresh strawberries. Does pesticide dependence threaten the industry’s future?

Julie Guthman | 
Agricultural abundance is a pillar of the California dream. In 2016 the state turned out more than US$45 billion worth ...

‘Sophie’s Choice’ in the time of coronavirus: Deciding who gets the ventilator

Ricki Lewis | 
Three otherwise healthy patients go to the emergency department with severe acute respiratory failure. Only one ventilator, required to sustain ...

What’s ‘race’ got to do with it? Most of sub-Saharan Africa emerges as coronavirus ‘cold spot’, which may offer clues to finding COVID-19 vaccine

Jon Entine, Patrick Whittle | 
Do diseases discriminate on the basis of 'race'—or their genetic population, using more precise terminology? On the surface, this may ...
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Podcast: Coronavirus and food safety; debunking the ‘Dirty Dozen’; COVID-19 cure worse than the disease?

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
As the world takes unprecedented measures to blunt the coronavirus pandemic, some commentators argue 'the cure is worse than the ...

Viewpoint: Regenerative agriculture—An oversold sustainability solution to climate change?

Alex Smith, Dan Rejto | 
Over the past six months, major food companies, like General Mills, Danone North America, Kellogg, and others, have launched efforts ...
autoradiograph of the first genetic fingerprint wellcome l

Podcast: ‘God, what a mess!’—the accidental discovery of genetic fingerprinting

Kat Arney | 
At 9.05am on the morning of 10th September 1984, geneticist Alec Jeffreys developed an X-ray film that would change the ...
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Health benefits of GMO crops: Fewer farmer suicides, cancers and pesticide poisonings

Stuart Smyth | 
Activists who desperately cling to lies about the risks of GM crops are now the ones who look 'very stupid.' ...
coronavirus italy rd rc hpmain x

In pursuit of coronavirus treatments and why we need to be cautious

Ricki Lewis | 
It's impossible to keep up with entries at that include the search term “COVID-19.” Last week when I posted Can ...
flu vaccine

Podcast: Coronavirus isn’t just a bad flu; COVID-19 vaccine may be delayed; and have we cured HIV?

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
The novel coronavirus is not just "the flu," contrary to what you may have read on social media. There may ...
ccf c e d bf fa

Searching the world’s remedies for novel coronavirus treatments: Can Viagra, stem cells or Chinese herbs help?

Ricki Lewis | 
As the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to mount, so do entries at for potential treatments, reaching into ...
impossible burger vs beyond burger

What is plant-based, genetically engineered “fake meat” and why is it being developed?

Vegan meat alternatives have been on the market for decades. However, these plant-based foods typically have appealed to a small ...
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Viewpoint: Activist campaign against synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs a pending ‘disaster’ for our food supply

Bill Wirtz | 
‘Farming looks mighty easy when your plough is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the cornfield.’ Those were ...
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All the resources you need in the global battle against the coronavirus

Tim Barker | 
Curious about the state of research into screening and diagnostic tools for the coronavirus? Maybe you want to keep up ...
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Can we immunize our food supply the same way we combat deadly diseases with vaccines?

Tautvydas Shuipys | 
In 16th century China, physicians found that inoculating healthy individuals with pus or dried scabs from someone infected with smallpox, ...
patient coronavirus e e fd e b abc f a d fa s c

Comparing the coronavirus pandemic to past pathogenic threats: HIV, anthrax and Ebola

Ricki Lewis | 
How does the COVID-19 pandemic compare to other infamous viral infections that have plagued us in modern times? It's a ...