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Genetic solutions depends largely on data from people of European descent. Do we need to address that research imbalance?

Eva Amsen | 
To boost the participation of marginalized communities in genetic studies, doctors must first win back their trust ...
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Podcast: CRISPR immunizes pigs against PRRS—deadly viral disease that costs $600 million annually

Christine Burkard, Kevin Folta | 
Christine Burkard, assistant professor of infection and immunity at the Roslin Institute in Scotland, says her team has devised a ...

Podcast: As more US farmers retire, here’s how to recruit a new generation of growers to feed us

Steve Savage | 
Is farming for the aging? While Paul McCartney ponders, “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when ...
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‘Origins’: Humans have been shaped more by Earth’s evolving geography than by genetics

Lewis Dartnell, Logan Chipkin | 
In astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell's newest book, Origins: How the Earth Made Us, he outlines how geology has shaped human evolution ...
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Podcast: Meet Mary Mangan—the biologist who crashes anti-GMO events and debunks junk science on Twitter

Cameron English, Mary Mangan | 
Mangan discusses her unique approach to spreading science literacy ...
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Genetic engineering goes to Hollywood: 10 movies you’ll love and more that you’ll hate

Get to know 26 films and TV shows that feature gene editing ...
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Podcast: More fearful of crop losses than jail, Indian farmers grow illegal GMO Bt eggplant

C. S. Prakash, Kevin Folta | 
While Indian farmers have benefited tremendously from growing insect-resistant GMO cotton, the government has outlawed the cultivation of genetically engineered ...

People in Africa eat GMO foods. So why do they oppose new crops developed by their own scientists?

Lominda Afedraru | 
GM foods are already sold in supermarkets throughout Africa, but the fear remains ...
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Podcast: Remembering Rosalind Franklin: The overlooked scientist who helped discover the DNA double helix

Kat Arney | 
Everyone knows that Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA. But fewer are aware of the contribution of Rosalind ...
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Fear of biotechnology threatens efforts to save Brazil’s pinto beans

Natalia Pasternak | 
The issue of GMO safety has been proven many times over to be a false controversy ...

Podcast: Glyphosate-tainted breakfast? Plant geneticist Kevin Folta debunks fear-based CBS Roundup report

Kevin Folta | 
Does the network get it right? Not even close, says Folta ...
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Viewpoint: Neuroscientists cannot afford to ignore differences between male, female brains

Aarthi Gobinath | 
Diseases like Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia manifest differently in men and women, and that’s important to know ...

Did you get a DNA ancestry kit for Father’s Day? Here are some things to consider before spitting in that vial

Ricki Lewis | 
The media tales of familial surprises are the tip of an iceberg ...
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Viewpoint: FDA must do more to protect consumers from ‘outright fraud’ of dietary supplements

Henry Miller, Josh Bloom | 
Dietary supplements are often ineffective, if not dangerous. What does the path to supplement legislation and regulation look like? ...

Podcast: Flower color, bees and biodiversity—how pollinators drive plant evolution

Kat Arney and reporter Graihagh Jackson get lost in the Valley of Hybridization ...
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Why popular image of autism as a male-dominated condition could hurt females

Nicholas Staropoli | 
A commonly cited statistic is that boys have about a 1 in 52 chance of being placed on the autism ...
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‘On the precipice of memory loss’: Pursuing better diagnostic tools for patients with CTE and other neurodegenerative disorders

Elizabeth Svoboda | 
New imaging analyses hint at progressive brain disorders like CTE, offering people with memory issues difficult — but transformative — ...
Pic by Neil Palmer CIAT A coffee farm worker in Cauca southwestern Colombia

Podcast: How farmers grow the 2.7 billion pounds of coffee we drink every year

Steve Savage | 
Whether you typically crave a drip coffee or something a bit more intricate, we can all agree that caffeine is ...

Podcast: Jurassic Park paleontologist Jack Horner on resurrecting extinct species with genetic engineering

Jack Horner, Kevin Folta | 
Although dinosaurs are probably never coming back, the scenes from Jurassic Park are an extrapolation of actual research being performed ...
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‘Found in Translation’: Computer models could help us understand which mice studies matter for human medicine

Kimberly McCoy | 
Machine learning technology could help researchers determine what mouse data are useful when designing human clinical trials ...

Viewpoint: The ‘assault on science’ and human welfare by eco-activists who reject agricultural technology as ‘corporate subterfuge’

David Zaruk | 
a dangerous anti-science mindset is cementing itself into our problem-based policy approaches ...
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Do China’s controversial CRISPR babies illustrate the need for an ‘undo button’?

Ricki Lewis | 
Will CRISPR-in-the-clinic come with a fail-safe mechanism? ...
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Viewpoint: Guardian (UK) ‘Toxic America’ series: Anti-chemical activism masquerades as science journalism

Andrew Porterfield, Jon Entine | 
So far, they’ve published no article by or in-depth interview with an actual scientist ...
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How a genetically altered virus could save Florida’s decimated orange industry from citrus greening disease

Steve Savage | 
In the early 1970s there was a ubiquitous television ad promoting Florida orange juice including the line, "a day without orange juice ...
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Who’s your daddy (or mommy)? What’s the chance you inherited DNA from Caligula, Genghis Khan or Henry I?

Lynn Kozlowski | 
Genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the United States ...
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Why GMOs aren’t responsible for a spike in food allergies

Andrew Porterfield | 
What's behind the rise in food allergies? There are a lot of possible answers to this, but it's probably not ...