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‘Organic electronics’ poised to create edgy new products, from bendable solar panels to transparent books to human-looking robots

Richard Gray | 
Electronics made from carbon rather than silicon could lead to a new generation of medical devices, sensors and perhaps even ...

Podcast: Anti-GMO ‘documentaries’; Cancel culture v Darwin? Biotech chestnut trees

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
So-called 'cancel culture' has already taken down a handful of prominent scientists and philosophers, living and deceased. One evolutionary biologist ...
cancer care

How immunotherapy is revolutionizing cancer care

Claire Adams | 
More than a century ago, in 1910, President William Howard Taft made what then seemed a bold but reasonable prediction: ...
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Viewpoint: Swayed by anti-GMO groups, biotech pioneer Mexico lurches toward GM crop ban

Luis Ventura | 
“There is currently enough food in the world to feed 10 billion people,” writes the anti-GMO environmental group Green America ...

Viewpoint: The questionable science behind Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain hacking project

Andrew Jackson | 
If thoughts, feelings and other mental activities are nothing more than electrochemical signals flowing around a vast network of brain ...
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Gene-edited crops and animals: Best-kept secrets in the fight against climate change

David Hart, Robert Rozansky, Val Giddings | 
Advances in gene editing over the past decade have given scientists new tools to tailor the biochemistry of nearly any ...
make america scientific again

Viewpoint: The chilling impact of the virulent spread of anti-science thinking

Tommaso Dorigo | 
"Anti-scientific thinking" is a bad disease of our time, and one which may affect a wide range of human beings, ...
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Scare talk debunked: GMOs, pesticides and antibiotics don’t make conventional food unsafe

Garland West | 
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue recently cautioned Americans not to fear their food. That’s an amazing thing for any public official ...

Viewpoint: Europe’s pro-organic Farm to Fork policy will ‘cripple’ an already inefficient agriculture system

Henry Miller, Rob Wager | 
The EU’s “Farm to fork (F2F) strategy”  announced in May, is “the heart of the “Green Deal,” a kind of ...
harnessing the human genome

Podcast: The Human Genome Project is 30 years old. What have we learned since its inception?

Eric Green, Kat Arney | 
In this episode we bring you an in-depth interview with Dr Eric Green, director of the US National Human Genome ...

How to assess the real safety risks of getting a COVID vaccine shot

Richard Williams | 
It seems like we might have a vaccine on the way and some of this madness will stop. But, like everything ...
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Podcast: Regulate all food chemicals? Gin and tonics going extinct; GMO pineapple is here!

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
There are thousands upon thousands of chemicals in food. Should we regulate them all, could we even do it? Gin ...
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‘Rethinking Monsanto’: Ex-GMO skeptic explains what he got wrong about Big Ag and the pitfalls of plant breeding

Marc Brazeau | 
Beginning in 2010, I embarked on a slow-motion conversion from GMO skeptic to advocate as I began developing a more ...
the minister of health dr diane gashumba providing measles and rubella vaccine

Viewpoint: Uganda battles anti-GMO, anti-vaccine coalition agitating against COVID-19 immunization

Peter Wamboga-Mugirya | 
A handful of activist groups are now working in tandem to undermine Uganda’s plans to inoculate its population against the ...
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What I got wrong: GMO skeptic turned crop biotech advocate explains his ‘slow-motion conversion’

Marc Brazeau | 
A recent open-heart surgery put my mind, as it might, on themes relating to mortality. Which got me thinking about ...

Will ‘cancel culture’ claim Darwin?

Jerry Coyne | 
Given the scientific and political luminaries who have fallen under the axe, it’s not beyond possibility that Charles Darwin himself ...
evolutionmain md

Why evolution always goes in one direction

Matthew Wills | 
The diversity and complexity of life on Earth is astonishing: 8 million or more living species – from algae to ...

Another study finds glyphosate herbicide kills tumor cells. Is the much-maligned weedkiller a cancer fighter?

Cameron English | 
If Roundup or one of its ingredients turns out to be an effective cancer treatment, it would be a stunning ...

Viewpoint: Great Barrington Declaration arguing for herd immunity ‘takes page from denialist propaganda playbook’

David Gorski | 
When you’ve been examining pseudoscientific and quack claims for over two decades, you start to recognize patterns in the strategies ...

GM insect-resistant Bt cotton boosted India’s crop yields? Activist study says no, but crop biotech experts say yes

Cameron English, Jon Entine, Matin Qaim | 
Was the introduction of transgenic (GMO) cotton seeds to India in 2002 the beginning of the renaissance of the country's ...
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Final weeks to approval: NIH’s Anthony Fauci and FDA’s Peter Marks on what’s ahead before we can expect a safe COVID vaccine

Ricki Lewis | 
As tens of thousands of people participate in phase 3 clinical trials on COVID-19 vaccine candidates, the focus is turning ...
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Podcast: Facebook vs junk science; ‘Brain-boosting’ supplements; Whole grains really healthy?

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
Alternative health champion Mike Adams has been banned from every social media platform but continues to spread his anti-GMO and ...
greenpeace eu

Viewpoint: Greenpeace-funded study backfires, undermining case to treat gene-edited crops as GMOs

Mary Mangan | 
The anti-GMO movement dominated the public discourse about crop biotechnology for decades. Led by committed activists who knew how to ...
low carb vs low fat for weight loss rm x

Cut carbs? Eat less, move more? Why the spat between low carbers and calorie counters is pointless

Angela Dowden | 
Part of my introduction to nutrition was reading books my mom picked up second-hand at rummage sales back in England ...
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It’s not going away: We need a real, non-political debate about the best way to live with COVID or countries will fracture

Danny Dorling | 
In 1968, at the height of the last great influenza pandemic, at least a million people worldwide died, including 100,000 ...

New England Journal of Medicine sets aside 200 years of politics, editorializing FDA and CDC have been compromised, calling political leadership ‘dangerously incompetent’

Covid-19 has created a crisis throughout the world. This crisis has produced a test of leadership. With no good options ...
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Podcast: From Philadelphia to Baltimore—Tales of Chromosomes, Cancer Cells and Henrietta Lacks

Kat Arney | 
In this episode we’re taking a road trip from Philadelphia to Baltimore, exploring stories of chromosomal cut-and-paste, cancer cures and ...