Pesticides and food: It’s not a black and white issue

Special 6-part series, Jan 22 - Feb 6

FIRST ARTICLE: Has pesticide use decreased over the last 40 years?

Articles written for the GLP list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. All other articles were written for the sources noted with excerpts provided by the GLP.
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Talking Biotech: Extreme GMO skeptics know the least about genetics—how should science communicators respond?

Kevin Folta, Philip Fernbach | 
People most opposed to GMOs know little about them. How does this impact science communication? ...

Getting out of the gene-editing mess created by Chinese scientist He Jiankui

Val Giddings | 
There have always been rogues willing to carve their own paths no matter what the cost to others. But how ...
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Viewpoint: GMO crops are key to sustainable farming—why are some scientists afraid to talk about them?

Henry Miller, Colin Carter | 
A shallow piece in the journal Science downplaying the importance of GMO crops belongs in a New Age publication ...

How much can we blame our genes for addictive behavior?

Andrew Porterfield | 
Of all the people who try alcohol or illegal drugs, only 10 to 20 percent get addicted. No single gene ...

Viewpoint: Developing nations face onslaught of ‘fake news’ targeting GMOs

Mahaletchumy Arujanan | 
A recent article co-authored by a prominent Malaysian economist propagated several popular myths about GMOs. A Malaysian scientist and communicator ...

Plagiarism allegation likely to spur activist challenges of EU approval of Monsanto’s glyphosate-based weed killer Roundup

Cameron English | 
An alliance of Greens alleges that a key study in the approval process may have been copied in part from ...
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Finding echoes of cancer journey in Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Ricki Lewis | 
The 'choose your own path' nature of Bandersnatch echoes a journey with breast cancer ...
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I’m a geneticist. A DNA test uncovered a half-sister and sparked painful questions

Ricki Lewis | 
My own discovery is so overwhelming that I can’t talk about it much, even though my new half-sister has possibly ...

Viewpoint: We should stop blaming cows for climate change

Frank Mitloehner | 
The claim that meat production generates more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector is demonstrably false, says Frank Mitloehner ...

What’s going to happen in farm biotech in 2019? Gene-edited foods; lab-grown meat surges; CRISPR regulation clarity

Marc Brazeau | 
These are the trends I expect to define biotech in agriculture during 2019.  ...

Autism and depression: Study shows why ‘gold standard treatment’ sometimes fails

Kristen Hovet | 
The 'gold standard' therapy does not always work and can lead to a worsening of symptoms ...

Young Ugandan biotech advocates push back against scare tactics of European and American-funded anti-GMO African environmental activists

Isaac Ongu | 
While many of his classmates worried, Jonan decided to work in defense of biotechnology ...
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Genetics pioneer James Watson stripped of final honorary titles over race views

Ricki Lewis | 
It's the latest chapter of the dark side of Dr. Watson ...

Talking Biotech: Genetic engineering could protect at-risk forests—but regulation blocks progress

Kevin Folta, Steve Strauss | 
Changing climates and pathogens threaten forests. Biotechnology could help, if regulators get out of the way ...
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Can we reduce schizophrenia risk with prenatal supplements?

Ben Locwin | 
Schizophrenia has a clear genetic basis, but genes don't tell the whole story. The other factors that determine whether or ...

Saving our seeds and why we could do more to protect genetic diversity

Colin Khoury | 
Nations of the world are working to preserve seed diversity through the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food ...

Searching through diets, medications and supplements for the Holy Grail of weight loss. Hint: There is no panacea

Ben Locwin | 
A quick review of some of the most effective and ineffective approaches to weight loss ...
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With the ‘bee crisis’ fading and European farmers fearing an insect invasion, EU’s neonicotinoid ban fiasco stumbles into the New Year

Jon Entine | 
The future of a controversial agricultural pesticide remains in limbo, thanks to scientific uncertainty and political malfeasance ...

Selling yourself: There’s a growing market for your DNA data

Ricki Lewis | 
Citizen scientists are supplying the data stream to drive precision medicine ...

2018 biotech review: Second generation of GMOs arrives as US anti-GMO movement falters

Marc Brazeau | 
A prediction that the anti-GMO movement would become increasingly irrelevant in 2018 comes to pass ...
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Male or female? ‘Our bodies are more complicated than that’

Alexandra Kralick | 
Society increasingly accepts gender identity as existing along a spectrum. The study of people, and their remains, shows that sex ...
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Viewpoint: Lab-grown meat isn’t as ‘clean’ as you might think

Alison Van Eenennaam | 
There are many polarizing false dichotomies around this emerging technology ...

Talking Biotech: Turning GMO plants into carcinogen-catching air filters

Kevin Folta, Stuart Strand | 
Could GMO houseplants purify the air in our homes? ...
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10 GMO memes backed up by science

Stephan Neidenbach | 
Anti-GMO activists have churned out memes critical of GM crops and food. Now science enthusiasts are fighting back with fact-based ...
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Absence of a ‘smoking gun’ pathogen has stymied efforts to solve AFM mystery illness paralyzing children

Ben Locwin | 
What some are calling an "unprecedented mystery respiratory illness" is being reported in the Rockies and across the Midwest. Contributing ...

Are science and religion destined to be at ‘war’?

David Livingstone, John Hedley Brooke | 
Religion and science are incorrectly pictured as warring belief systems ...