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maize standard

Uncertain future of Uganda’s GMO law spurs anxiety, confusion among biotech supporters

Peter Wamboga-Mugirya | 
Biotech supporters are unsure what the delay means ...
Screen Shot at PM

Have humans reached the end of evolution? Not under these 3 scenarios

David Warmflash | 
Is natural selection still a major force in human evolution? Or have vaccines, water purification, modern medical care and other ...
womens brains alzheimers

Viewpoint: To cure Alzheimer’s we need to think big—like the Manhattan Project

Marc Diamond | 
Figuring out the pieces to the Alzheimer’s puzzle ...
chimpanzee and human

Podcast: Geneticist Mary-Claire King nearly quit science—then discovered the first breast cancer gene

Kat Arney, Mary-Claire King | 
Mary-Claire King's stellar career has covered human and chimp evolution, finding BRCA1 and reuniting families that have been torn apart ...

Latest ecological fake news scare: Like the ‘honeybee armageddon’ narrative, pesticide-driven ‘insect-pocalypse’ claim is collapsing

Jon Entine | 
The 'bee-pocalypse' was an exaggerated fiction grounded in genuine concerns. The 'insect-pocalypse' is more of the same ...
keto diet

Podcast: Anthony Warner, ‘The Angry Chef,’ debunks fad diets and popular food ‘pseudoscience’

Kevin Folta, Anthony Warner | 
Anthony Warner is known as The Angry Chef, achieving notoriety for critically analyzing the social movements that pop up around ...
narcolepsy guide school x

Is narcolepsy caused by a ‘treacherous’ immune system?

Quinn Eastman | 
New research could lead to easier diagnoses of this rare sleep disorder ...
h ocasio cortez pelosi

Viewpoint: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal wants to make agriculture sustainable—but farmers beat her to it

Hillary Kaufman | 
The Green New Deal puts forth a lot of idealistic proposals without much specificity, strategic planning, or research ...

Podcast: Primer on bees, varroa mites and the ‘Beepocalypse’ that never was

Steve Savage | 
This time it’s all about the bees! From the composition of a working hive to the diseases that plague honey ...

WTF? Did the rise of agriculture—and soft foods—give us the ability to drop F bombs?

Ricki Lewis | 
How the foods we eat influence the sounds our languages develop ...
aaaaa a ab d

Pseudo-science alert: For $9,500, Politico provides disinformation about crop biotechnology, GMOs and pesticides

Andrew Porterfield | 
When Politico strays from politics into agricultural biotech, its naiveté and lack of science expertise shows through ...

Why masculinity is in turmoil

Roni Jacobson | 
The American Psychological Association released new guidelines for men and boys last month. Critics went mad — and they missed the ...

Viewpoint: Agroecology is a ‘dead end’ for African farmers trying to achieve food security

Nassib Mugwanya | 
For the past 50 years, Daisy Namusoke has grown crops on her small plot of land in the Buikwe District ...

Using genetic engineering to turn annual crops into perennials could bolster global food production

Andrew Porterfield | 
One of the ways we could increase yields--and improve sustainability--would be to convert key grain crops into perennials, allowing them ...

Can pig-human chimeras meet our growing demand for transplantable organs?

Meredith Knight | 
Experiments show pig-human chimeras might be able to farm human organs for transplantation and disease research. But would it be ...

How genetically engineered crops can boost Africa’s fight against malnutrition

Steven Cerier | 
Engineered crops can provide the long-sought breakthrough in food security for Africa ...
bride and groom walking

Can a genetic test help you find the right marriage partner?

Richard Mattson | 
Does a good marriage depend on having the right genes? ...
brain drain immigration skilled educated

US researchers moving abroad to avoid FDA’s CRISPR-edited animal regulations

Alison Van Eenennaam offers a critical look at stifling US animal gene-editing rules ...
gregor mendel

What can we learn from Mendel’s peas, onions and GM tomatoes?

Kat Arney | 
A quick look at Gregor Mendel's groundbreaking peas, 'junk' DNA and the first GMO crop ...

Tomorrow’s scientists developing CRISPR-edited crops to boost sustainable farming

Three graduate students highlight their efforts to breed disease-resistant crops and teach science to consumers ...
sepkowitz nigeria mystery tease pr vql

Using genetics and social media to find answers for rare ‘undiagnosed’ diseases

Liz Lewis | 
Having a strange and little-known condition is increasingly becoming a regular part of life, bonding patients together with a common ...
pesticide fake news minified

Whispering down the ‘fake news’ lane targeting conventional farming: No, Lou Gehrig’s Disease not caused by pesticides spread by chemical-spraying airplanes

Kevin Folta | 
Is it sensationalism to get traffic, lazy reporting -- or intentional misrepresentation of facts? ...
linguistic tree b

How languages and genetics explain our origins and evolution

Patrick Whittle | 
The twists and turns of both language and genetics offer stunning insights into human history ...
black angus cow

Animal gene editing breakthrough: Bringing Angus beef raised from US cattle to Brazil

Marc Brazeau | 
The gene-edited heat-tolerant Angus cow could be a very big deal in Brazil ...
rice harvesting

Quest for disease and pest-resistant rice: Ugandan researchers turn to hybrid, GMO breeding programs

Lominda Afedraru | 
Key crop researchers are pushing for the development and eventual commercialization of GMO varieties tailored to suit Uganda's needs ...

Research integrity and why bad science has become such a problem

Henry Miller, Stanley Young | 
Science depends on corroboration — that is, researchers verify others’ results, often making incremental advances as they do so.  The ...
beekeepers afp

Viewpoint: Farmers’ crops are failing, and Europe’s precautionary assault on neonicotinoid insecticides is to blame

David Zaruk | 
Farmers will never forget the last five years of incompetence from the European Commission ...
Psilocybe semilanceata

‘Suicide’ headaches? Magic mushrooms or LSD could offer relief

David Warmflash | 
Hallucinogenic drugs, particularly lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and psilocybin, are classified as Schedule 1, but scientists and physicians believe they ...