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Podcast: The phrase ‘Who’s Your (Grand) Daddy’ has shocking relevance to Jack Nunn, as the Australian geneticist learns of his surprising link to Britain’s most notorious ‘sperminator’

Anna Middleton, Jack Nunn, Kat Arney | 
Consumer genetic tests are becoming widespread - but what happens when an innocent investigation reveals dark family secrets? ...
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The Varroa destructor mite is the greatest threat to US honeybees, and why things could get worse.

Paige Embry | 
Researchers are looking at a long-term solution: develop bees that can fend off Varroa themselves ...
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How fertile are you? ‘Ovarian reserve’ DTC tests that count your eggs offer mixture of control and misinformation

Ricki Lewis | 
Joining the reproductive fray are tests designed to assess fertility by counting the number of eggs left in a woman's ...
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Viewpoint: Safe and sustainable CRISPR crop revolution offers counterpunch to ‘misinformation’ and ‘fake dangers’ promoted by anti-GMO campaigners

Luis Ventura | 
Gene-edited crops usually can't be distinguished from conventionally-bred varieties. Opponents of NBTs may never comprehend this basic lesson of plant ...
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Exercise Rx: Physical activity is ‘personal regenerative medicine’ and ‘acts like pharmaceutical drugs’

Bob Holmes | 
As researchers learn more about how exercise fights chronic ills like heart disease and diabetes, doctors may soon be able ...
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Afraid of glyphosate and other synthetic pesticides? You eat 10,000 times more of the natural ones made by plants

Ross Pomeroy | 
Fruits and vegetables have evolved thousands of built-in pesticides chemically similar to the ones created in labs ...
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Viewpoint: GMO crops should become a bigger part of the food system if we want a sustainable society

Eshna Gogia | 
If we all work towards understanding science rather than being afraid of it, we can build a world where we ...

Artificial wombs could create seismic shift in the debate over abortion, reproductive rights

David Warmflash | 
The ability to develop a fetus outside the mother's body could be here within decades. That means society will face ...
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Does organic mean ‘pesticide free’? 5 things to know about the USDA organic label

Hillary Kaufman | 
Here's what you're actually getting for that 'organic' premium price ...
scientists test the effects of psychedelic drugs on lab grown brains

Growing tiny brains for research: Should we ‘frantically panic’ that something might go awry?

Guillaume Thierry | 
As mini-brains become more advanced, some researchers are worried they'll develop consciousness ...
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Famine in Africa and the Middle East? Devastating stem rust fungus threatens global staple crop, but genomic solution may finally be on the horizon

Kaylee Mueller | 
These tools could give wheat, one of our most important staple crops, some much-needed relief ...電子版)遺伝子治療-x--204x100.jpg

Viewpoint: Pricey gene therapies fuel debate over drug prices—and why there is no easy fix

Fred Roeder | 
By scrapping value added and sales taxes, we can cut down on drug pricing by up to 25% ...

39 biotech experts’ open letter protests anti-GMO activist Vandana Shiva’s ‘anti-science’ talks at Stanford and UC Santa Cruz

An activist who compares GMOs to rape and fertilizers to war should not be given a platform ...
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Novels ‘All About Evie’ and ‘The Family Upstairs’ illustrate how DNA tests can reveal ‘dark secrets’, from rape to unknown siblings

Ricki Lewis | 
It was inevitable that fiction writers would begin weaving unexpected DNA test results into their narratives ...

Viewpoint: After years of bashing agriculture and GMOs, Chipotle reverses course with ‘Cultivate the Future of Farming’ campaign

Kevin Folta | 
Given Chipotle's past cozy relationship with organic food marketers, this seems more like a marketing stunt ...
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Podcast: Why some of the most iconic images and stories depicting evolution are wrong

Chris Stringer, Kat Arney | 
Kat Arney tackles the myths and misconceptions around two of the most iconic images in evolutionary biology: the 'March of ...
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Teaching evolution to college students with creationist views requires innovative approaches

David Warmflash | 
University instructors employ a variety of methods when teaching evolution in classes in which large numbers of students reject the ...
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Do GMO foods or glyphosate cause gluten allergies?

Layla Katiraee | 
Anti-GMO campaigners continue to link GMOs and the herbicide glyphosate to gluten allergies--even though there is no commercialized genetically engineered ...
brain world

Can synthetic biology help deliver an AI brain as smart as the real thing?

John Cumbers | 
To create artificial general intelligence, we need to study the brain ...

Viewpoint: At least 200,000 people die every year GMO Golden Rice is kept off the market

Matt Ridley | 
This is not a story of incompetence and ignorance, but of an antediluvian hostility to science and technology ...
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Will 2020 see the debut of promising gene therapy for hemophilia A? It’s up to the FDA.

Ricki Lewis | 
Hemophilia A gene therapy has been twenty years in the making ...

Podcast: Agricultural economist Stuart Smyth explains the risks and benefits of GMOs and the future of crop biotechnology

Kevin Folta, Stuart Smyth | 
Few academics eagerly engage the public on controversial scientific topics, content to quietly focus on their research. Agricultural economist and ...
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Beyond burgers: Why it’s so difficult to create ‘animal free’ steaks, bacon and chicken cutlets

Natalie Rubio | 
A look at the food revolution of today, as well as Cultured Meat 2.0 ...

Viewpoint: Debunking bizarre conspiracy theory about western billionaires using GMOs to depopulate Africa

Uchechi Moses | 
The truth is that African farmers need biotech crops as climate change makes farming an increasingly difficult profession ...
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Fighting climate change by reprogramming yeast, bacteria to feast on carbon dioxide

Kostas Vavitsas | 
An organism easily adapted to different environments and ready to consume any compound would be a valuable tool ...
FoodWaste USDA

GMOs, biosensors and biopreservation: Tools that can fight global hunger by reducing food spoilage

Olumide Odeyemi | 
We're feeding an ever-increasing number of people. Getting the rest of the way by 2030 will require every innovation we ...