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Why the Big 4 repurposed COVID drugs—hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, Lopinavir and Interferon—are all now viewed as failures

Why the Big 4 repurposed COVID drugs—hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, Lopinavir and Interferon—are all now viewed as failures

Six months ago it seemed that every other lab had a kick-ass, repurposed drug that was only weeks away from ...

Regulate all chemicals in food? Two experts say that’s an ‘absurd (and impossible) exercise’

A recent CNN article about the FDA oversight of chemicals in foods is puzzling.  Author Sandee LaMotte regurgitates a ludicrous demand by ...

Viewpoint: Media focus on COVID-19 deaths ignores lasting impact of ‘calamitous pandemic’

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The media regularly reports about deaths from COVID-19 as if that is the whole story. But it's not. COVID-19 doesn't ...
food additives

Viewpoint: Are synthetic food additives dangerous? Here’s the science anti-chemical activists ignore

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Always take chemical advice from EWG with a grain of (inorganic) salt ...
screenshot remdesivir trials in chicago for covid treatment raise hopes open the magazine

If remdesivir trials fail, an effective treatment for the coronavirus may be far off

Genetic Literacy Project | 
It's only one trial, and we don't even know if the report is correct. But a leaked draft report indicated ...

Viewpoint: Glyphosate caused the COVID-19 pandemic? Debunking the latest coronavirus conspiracy

When I saw that Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a ... professor at MIT, wrote an article entitled Connecting the Dots: Glyphosate ...
dbcd d d b

Viewpoint: Anti-chemical ‘activist-legal complex’ fuels public fear of scientific innovation

In his Farewell Address, President Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex, a partnership between the military and defense industry that ...

Nitrates in deli meat dangerous? Food labels and cancer claims don’t tell the whole story

NPR just ran a scare piece called "Duped In The Deli Aisle? 'No Nitrates Added' Labels Are Often Misleading," which ...

Viewpoint: EPA has science on its side in glyphosate-cancer label battle with California

By any measure, California’s Proposition 65 is an exercise in madness. The law, which is officially titled “The Safe Drinking Water ...
supplements shutterstock

Viewpoint: FDA must do more to protect consumers from ‘outright fraud’ of dietary supplements

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Dietary supplements are often ineffective, if not dangerous. What does the path to supplement legislation and regulation look like? ...
Starbucks cancer pics

Viewpoint: Welcome to California, where coffee causes—and prevents—cancer

California's Proposition 65, which began its miserable life as The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, now has ...
3-10-2019 msn

Your blood type may influence your vulnerability to stomach flu

Not only is a case of norovirus gastroenteritis the personification of misery, but the virus that causes it is also one ...
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Video: Glyphosate and other health ‘boogeymen’ aren’t causing all diseases

Should John Oliver decide that he’s had enough, perhaps because generating sarcasm is exhausting, there is someone who can slip ...

Using molecular trickery to cross the blood-brain barrier

[There are a] number of methods that are being used to break down the [blood-brain] barrier that keeps drugs for ...

Viewpoint: New glyphosate study suggesting danger to honeybee microbiota is detailed, sophisticated—and wrong

Erick Motta and colleagues at the University of Hawaii just published a paper in PNAS entitled "Glyphosate perturbs the gut microbiota of honey bees." ...
organic food story

Viewpoint: There’s no such thing as an organic ‘superfood’

If you do a Google search of "Oz superfoods" you will get more than 40,000 hits. The good doctor really likes superfoods ...
lung cancer cell dividing article v

What causes cancer? Challenge is distinguishing ‘between myth and reality’

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Misleading information about what can and can't cause cancer is incredibly prevalent in our society ...
Sports Olympic Doping Alan Li JPG

Olympic gender confusion: Woman with too much testosterone required to take estrogen to compete while drug that blocks estrogen is banned

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Erik Lief and Chuck Dinerstein have each weighed in with companion pieces about a highly controversial rule by the International Association of ...
natural label

Viewpoint: Divide between ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’ chemicals is meaningless

Since pesticides and herbicides are routinely in the news, lately because of the "Glyphosate Wars," (2) I thought it might be interesting to ...

Banning glyphosate: France may replace well-tested herbicide with pelargonic and other more toxic ‘natural’ chemicals

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Activists say glyphosate can be replaced with natural herbicides—but "natural" doesn't necessarily mean that they're safer or better for the ...
asthma e

Biologics joining fight against asthma

Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer from asthma, things are looking up. There are new biological therapies out there that ...
Viewpoint: Media focus on 'scare fears' like trace chemicals ignores real dangers like dietary supplements

Viewpoint: Media focus on ‘scare fears’ like trace chemicals ignores real dangers like dietary supplements

There can hardly be a better example of […] logical disconnect than the silly July 12th hit piece in the [New York] Times about ...

Dissecting MIT computer scientist Stephanie Seneff’s claim that glyphosate herbicide causes autism

[Editor's note: Josh Bloom is director of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences at the American Council on Science and Health. He ...
photos medleyphoto

Why the FDA is powerless against supplement makers’ dangerous, dubious health and cancer claims

[Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA)] was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1994, but really this ...
Screen Shot at PM

“Getting Risk Right”: Geoffrey Kabat on health, risk and bad science

Why do things that are unlikely to harm us get the most attention? Dr. Geoffrey Kabat, a cancer epidemiologist at ...

Chemist explains why organic labels are about marketing, not chemistry

Chicago Tribune | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. . . . ...

Do all brains interpret music the same way?

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Last night, as I was ...
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City uses vinegar instead of glyphosate for weed control, odor proves problematic

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. It borders on hilarious ...
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