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Eat a big breakfast to lose weight? This old nutritional adage isn’t backed up by science

Angela Dowden | 
Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper is an old nutritional adage that at ...
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Viewpoint: Anti-chemical ‘activist-legal complex’ fuels public fear of scientific innovation

Alex Berezow, Josh Bloom | 
In his Farewell Address, President Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex, a partnership between the military and defense industry that ...
screenshot moms across america director gmos pose risk to children s health

Viewpoint: ‘Conspiracy theorist’ Zen Honeycutt spins tall tales about GMOs, glyphosate weed killer on CBS Los Angeles

Alex Berezow | 
If the media has a question about biomedical science, one would assume that a scientist or doctor would be the ...

Anti-glyphosate activist Carey Gillam ‘collaborated’ with attorney charged in extortion plot

Alex Berezow | 
In a press release, the [Department of Justice] said that one of the lead plaintiffs' attorneys, Timothy Litzenburg, who helped ...

Viewpoint: Can we trust the research of scientists who work for corporations? Here’s what you should know

Alex Berezow | 
There is a pervasive bias in academia against scientists who work in industry. It is often said that such individuals ...
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Mandatory calorie counts on fast-food menus have little impact on customer purchases, latest study finds

Angela Dowden | 
As of May last year, all American restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets have been legally obliged to provide calorie ...

Nitrates in deli meat dangerous? Food labels and cancer claims don’t tell the whole story

Josh Bloom | 
NPR just ran a scare piece called "Duped In The Deli Aisle? 'No Nitrates Added' Labels Are Often Misleading," which ...
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A question of free will: How much of our behavior is determined by our genes?

Chuck Dinerstein | 
Are our fates determined by the stars or by our actions? An age-old debate made no less contentious by reducing ...

Viewpoint: EPA has science on its side in glyphosate-cancer label battle with California

Josh Bloom | 
By any measure, California’s Proposition 65 is an exercise in madness. The law, which is officially titled “The Safe Drinking Water ...
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GMO Impossible burger headed for grocery stores. Here’s the nutrition facts you should know

Chuck Dinerstein | 
Having jumped all the appropriate FDA hurdles to ensure safety, the Impossible Burger in its uncooked form is coming to ...
ebola outbreak masks exlarge

‘Disease X’: Why there’s reason to fear an unknown pandemic threat

Lone Simonsen, Maarten van Wijhe | 
Disease X -- a yet unseen deadly infectious disease with an epidemic potential for which no countermeasures exist -- has ...

Growing criticism over stratospheric cost of spinal muscular atrophy-fighting drug Zolgensma ignores trade-off value

Christopher Gerry | 
Novartis recently won FDA approval for Zolgensma, a new medicine that can potentially cure infants suffering from the otherwise fatal ...
Starbucks cancer pics

Viewpoint: Welcome to California, where coffee causes—and prevents—cancer

Josh Bloom | 
California's Proposition 65, which began its miserable life as The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, now has ...

‘Excessive’ regulations fuel unjustified consumer fear of CRISPR-edited crops, biologists warn

Henry Miller, Rob Wager | 
A Washington Post article, “The Future of Food,” discussed the methods we use to breed food crops but suffered from ...
4-4-2019 headache hero

Headache or brain tumor: How can we tell the difference?

Jamie Wells | 
A news report out [April 1] highlights an unfortunate situation of a young woman in the United Kingdom who claims repeated doctor ...
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‘Better safe than sorry’? Precautionary thinking stokes unjustified fear of GMOs, chemicals, biologist says

Alex Berezow | 
“Better safe than sorry.” That’s a great lesson for a child when a parent explains why she should wear a ...
3-10-2019 msn

Your blood type may influence your vulnerability to stomach flu

Josh Bloom | 
Not only is a case of norovirus gastroenteritis the personification of misery, but the virus that causes it is also one ...
3-10-2019 bellacures

Viewpoint: Elective, unproven IV therapies create ‘perfect storm of risks’

Jamie Wells | 
We don’t have to look very far these days to find wellness facilities touting this or that intravenous (IV) infusion for “detoxification” and ...
3-9-2019 img

Viewpoint: We can’t ignore scientific evidence about male, female brain differences

Alex Berezow | 
It's obvious to just about anyone who is paying attention — and to most biologists, in particular — that there ...
Viewpoint: Anti-GMO Organic Consumers Association helps Russia spread dangerous myths raising fake concerns about vaccines and biotechnology

Viewpoint: Anti-GMO Organic Consumers Association helps Russia spread dangerous myths raising fake concerns about vaccines and biotechnology

Alex Berezow | 
Russian trolls are meddling wherever and whenever they can to cause societal strife. Radio Free Europe reports that Russian trolls may have ...
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AAAS fiasco just got messier—After member revolt, data-less news release linking glyphosate to kidney disease pulled, Freedom and Responsibility award will not be presented, for now

Alex Berezow | 
Editor's note: After this blog was posted, on February 6, the American Association for the Advancement of Science tweeted that ...
vial and syringe flu shot large

Viewpoint: New York Times’ mixed record on science literacy—botched reporting on GMOs and chemicals while challenging anti-vaxxers

Alex Berezow | 
The New York Times has done something that it very rarely does: It wrote an editorial in support of biotechnology. The piece, ...
gmo label

Viewpoint: No, Whole Foods Magazine, there’s no plot to sneak GMOs into our food

Alex Berezow | 
....Last week, Whole Foods Magazine (yes, that's a thing) published an article written by a lawyer, Scott C. Tips, about an evil plan to ...

New study hyping health benefits of organic food is more marketing than science, biologist argues

Alex Berezow | 
How do you know when a "study" isn't really a study? When the people who performed it wrote up a ...
Organic Cow Milk Gurgaon

Scientists can identify organic and conventional milk with a simple chemistry test

Alex Berezow | 
Food fraud is a substantial problem....because it is nearly impossible for consumers to tell the difference between, say, conventional and ...
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Viewpoint: We aren’t doing enough to protect people against ‘false promises’ of unproven stem cell treatments

Jamie Wells | 
In an announcement of no surprise, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) again officially warned a company it previously warned in ...
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Video: Glyphosate and other health ‘boogeymen’ aren’t causing all diseases

Josh Bloom | 
Should John Oliver decide that he’s had enough, perhaps because generating sarcasm is exhausting, there is someone who can slip ...

Artificial vs natural? Ocean Spray sued for using synthetic flavor in its cranberry juice

Alex Berezow | 
Ocean Spray, the company that makes several popular cranberry juice drinks, is battling a class-action lawsuit brought by two plaintiffs ...