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The GLP features several podcasts: Biotech Facts & Fallacies, Genetics Unzipped, and Talking Biotech. In addition, we report on numerous podcasts from around the web, providing a wealth of biotechnology information. Episodes produced for the GLP list the source as “Genetic Literacy Project.” All other episodes were produced for the sources noted with excerpts provided by the GLP.

Podcast: That weird time in history when humans had 24 pairs of chromosomes

 |  Genetic Literacy Project
Everyone knows that humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. But if you'd looked at a textbook in the 1940s, the ...
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Podcast: GMO insect-resistant cowpea helps Africa combat destructive pests without chemicals

 |  Genetic Literacy Project
Cowpea is a critical crop in Western Africa. It is consumed by millions of people daily and provides important nitrogen ...
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Podcast: Jamie Metzl’s ‘Hacking Darwin’—The end of sex and humanity’s genetically engineered future

 |  Genetic Literacy Project
Imagine a world in which would-be parents no longer have sex but conceive children with the assistance of embryo selection ...
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Podcast: Synthetic ‘light switch’ boosts photosynthesis to increase crop yields

 |  Genetic Literacy Project
One of the limiting factors in photosynthesis is the plant’s ability to take up carbon dioxide to assimilate into carbohydrates ...
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Podcast: 7 modern pest control tools that protect our food from hungry bugs

 |  Genetic Literacy Project
Need to manage a pest problem? Luckily, there are many ways to do that! From physical to biological and chemical ...
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Podcast: Are farmers losing the ‘agricultural arms race’ against weeds?

 |  NPR
There was a moment, about 20 years ago, when farmers thought that they'd finally defeated weeds forever. Biotech companies had ...
Darwin and Mendel

Podcast: What would have happened if Darwin and Mendel had been on Twitter?

 |  Genetic Literacy Project
Where would we be now if Darwin and Mendel had been on Twitter? ...

Podcast: Farmers divided over controversial weed killer dicamba as legal battle against Bayer heats up

 |  NPR
The herbicide dicamba's job is to kill weeds, and many farmers say it's a lifesaver. But the chemical has also damaged ...
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Podcast: How a bad night’s sleep can damage your DNA

 |  Genetic Literacy Project
On this episode of Talking Biotech, University of Florida researchers Kevin Folta and Brady Holmer tackle two pressing questions in ...

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