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2-25-2019 unnamed file

Glowing squid’s genome sheds light on how animals and microbes evolve to work together

Laura Poppick | 
Every evening, nocturnal Hawaiian bobtail squids ... emerge from their burrows in shallow waters of the Pacific to hunt for ...
2-19-2019 episodic time lec ren ks

We know how the brain perceives shapes and colors. But what about time?

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
Marc Howard, a cognitive neuroscientist now at Boston University, and Karthik Shankar, who was then one of his postdoctoral students, wanted ...

‘Arrival of the fittest’: Fragile DNA ‘hot spots’ play key role in mutations, evolution

Viviane Callier | 
Against the odds, separate species and populations independently evolve the same solutions to life’s challenges, and the same genes are ...

How the brain maps out ideas and memories

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
As the philosopher Immanuel Kant put it, the concept of space serves as the organizing principle by which we perceive ...
1-14-2019 jelly cc

What jellyfish can show us about complex evolution through simple genomes

Jonathan Lambert | 
You might expect that as bodies became more complex, genomes did as well. But a recent study appearing in Nature Ecology & Evolution ...
dna Genetic Algorithm e

Computer scientists turn to evolutionary biology for inspiration

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
Creationists love to insist that evolution had to assemble upward of 300 amino acids in the right order to create just ...
stem cell resized

‘Stemness’ and the downside of limiting our definition of stem cells

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
As more sophisticated technology has revealed just how plastic and heterogeneous cell populations can be, some researchers have transitioned from ...
Holobiont image

Are our microbes part of us? ‘Radical upgrade’ of evolutionary theory

Jonathan Lambert | 
Look closely enough at any plant or animal and you will discover a riot of bacteria, fungi and viruses forming ...

Stem cells’ ‘memories’ of past injuries may contribute to chronic inflammation

Monique Brouillete | 
Stem cells, famous for replenishing the body’s stockpile of other cell types throughout life, may have an additional, unforeseen ability ...
NeutralTheory x x

Evolved adaptation: Challenges to Darwin’s belief that mutations are random and neutral

Viviane Callier | 
When Charles Darwin articulated his theory of evolution by natural selection in On the Origin of Species in 1859, he ...

Your brain has its own unique ‘functional fingerprint’

Raleigh McElvery | 
The physical links between brain regions, collectively known as the “connectome,” are part of what distinguish humans cognitively from other ...

Explaining hallucinations through math

Jennifer Ouellette | 
[Researcher Heinrich Klüver] classified [hallucinogenic patterns he experienced] into four distinct types that he dubbed “form constants”: lattices (including checkerboards, ...
The human brain tripled in size due to ecological factors x

Why our brains are in the business of predicting the future

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
According to [the] “predictive coding” theory, at each level of a cognitive process, the brain generates models, or beliefs, about ...

Will we soon be able to regenerate limbs?

Elizabeth Preston | 
[Axolotl] salamanders stand out as the only vertebrates that can replace complex body parts that are lost at any age, ...

Delving into theories about the brain’s balancing act

Jennifer Ouellette | 
Gerardo Ortiz remembers well the time in 2010 when he first heard his Indiana University colleague John Beggs talk about the hotly debated ...

We may owe our existence to plate tectonics

Rebecca Boyle | 
[T]here’s more to plate tectonics than earthquakes and eruptions. A wave of new research is increasingly hinting that Earth’s external ...
vial and syringe flu shot large

Are vaccines creating viral resistance?

Melinda Moyer | 
[Researcher Andrew] Read and his colleagues are studying how the herpesvirus that causes Marek’s disease — a highly contagious, paralyzing ...

Video: Innovative brain-mapping techniques could unlock neuroscience secrets

Monique Brouillette | 
What [neuroscientist Tony] Zador showed me was a map of 50,000 neurons in the cerebral cortex of a mouse. It ...
Ediacaran creatures

What spurred the Cambrian explosion? Evolving animals may have led to more oxygen, not other way around

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
Scientists have long sought to determine what caused the Cambrian explosion, and to explain why animal life didn’t take this ...

Is cancer the evolutionary ‘price’ complex animals pay for living in an oxygen rich environment?

Jordana Cepelwicz | 
Like many biologists, [Emma] Hammarlund wondered why it took so long for complex animals to emerge — and why, when ...

Can we boost memory through brain stimulation?

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
In a study appearing [February 6] in Nature Communications, [...] a team of researchers succeeded at enhancing memory more reliably, by stimulating ...
genetic code

We’re about to see an expansion of life’s genetic code

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
With recent innovations in gene editing, it may seem as if the field of synthetic biology is just starting to ...
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Plant evolution: Compact genomes and tiny cells helped flowering plants take over the world

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
When people consider evolutionary events related to the origin and diversification of new species and groups, they tend to emphasize ...

Evolutionary tradeoffs: How DNA works so living things have a ‘competitive advantage’ to survive

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
Evolution is a game of trade-offs. Every trait an organism inherits may have benefits and drawbacks; what matters to natural ...

New species may be created by cellular ‘mitonuclear conflict’

Carrie Arnold | 
In the complex cells of humans and other organisms, two different genomes collaborate to sustain life. The larger genome, with ...
bottleneck e

‘Information bottleneck’ theory could help crack human learning mysteries

Natalie Wolchover | 
Even as machines known as “deep neural networks” have learned to converse, drive cars, beat video games and Go champions, dream, paint pictures ...

Neanderthal population estimate increases tenfold

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
Some gene-based estimates put the Neanderthals’ effective population at a measly 1,000; others claim they hovered at a few thousand ...
planet earth

Physicist Nigel Goldenfeld: Life started with physics, not biology

Jordana Cepelewicz, Nigel Goldenfeld | 
[Editor's note: The following is part of an interview with Nigel Goldenfeld, director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute for Universal Biology ...