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Machine learning helps battle life-threatening diseases. Could it end world hunger, too?

Machine learning helps battle life-threatening diseases. Could it end world hunger, too?

When was the last time you read an online magazine or newspaper, only to find yourself bombarded with shopping ads ...
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Viewpoint: Anti-GMO groups exploit COVID to block access to biotech crops

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on our lives in so many ways, including diminished social contact, disrupted ...

Viewpoint: How ‘fraudulent, poorly designed, and biased’ studies sow doubt about GMO, gene-edited crops

GM Crops & Food | 
Research in crop science in recent years has advanced at an unprecedented rate, and the intermingling of old and new ...

Viewpoint: Regulatory hurdles keep life-saving, plant-made vaccines off the market

Expert Review of Vaccines | 
Plant-made vaccines have been in the pipeline for nearly thirty years. Generated stably in transgenic plants or transiently using virus ...

Viewpoint: Plants could give us new treatments for cancer, HIV and other diseases if we had better ‘pharming’ regulations

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Study suggests that proteins could be obtained from genetically engineered tobacco plants at 1/1,000th the cost of current methods ...

Viewpoint: Genetically modified plants could produce drugs of the future—if we do more to encourage ‘pharming’

Wall Street Journal | 
Politicians talk a lot about farming but seldom about “pharming,” even though the latter can also have a big impact ...
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How gene-edited crops could spell the end of the infamous term ‘GMO’

Review of Agrarian Studies | 
Political and social controversies, as well as complications of plant breeding, intellectual property, and regulation, have compromised the promised impact ...
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