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Genetically modified plant could make cheaper malaria drugs. Will anti-GMO activists oppose it?

André Heitz | 
A team of mainly Chinese researchers [recently published] “The Genome of Artemisia annua Provides Insight into the Evolution of Asteraceae ...
Biodynamic farm organic 3726

Organic vs ‘biodynamic’ farming: What’s the difference?

Jean-Charles Estoppey | 
These days biodynamic agriculture is often assumed to be a standard of excellence in agriculture or viticulture, although it widely ...
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French scientists call on politicians to listen to science, not ‘scare-mongers’ on GMOs, glyphosate

Jean-Paul Oury | 
Virginie Tournay, of CEVIPOF, a scientific research institute at the famous Science Po [Paris Institute of Political Studies] published the following article ...