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Sketchy vegan-promoting physicians group produces study attacking ‘blood type’ diet - and it’s surprisingly rigorous and convincing

Sketchy vegan-promoting physicians group produces study attacking ‘blood type’ diet – and it’s surprisingly rigorous and convincing

Nearly every sort of diet has appeared on the New York Times bestseller list by now, all claiming to have ...

Viewpoint: UK decision to rescind neonics pesticide restrictions a welcome win for science

Science 2.0 | 
Activists like George Monbiot and Dave Goulson are parroting their environmental allies when it comes to neonics, but the science ...
Viewpoint: Why organic farming won't help preserve the world's biodiversity

Viewpoint: Why organic farming won’t help preserve the world’s biodiversity

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A recent paper finds that if just 15 percent of farmland reverted to nature, it would wipe out nearly a third ...
food waste opt

Viewpoint: We have a food-waste problem, but cutting meat consumption won’t solve it

Science 2.0 | 
Most commercial produce is bought and discarded within two days. It can't even be given to food shelters or homeless ...
whole grains preventing type diabetes x

Viewpoint: Here’s what ‘whole grain’ really means—and it’s not the health claim you’ve been told it is

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Consumers have been so saturated with vague marketing claims that nearly 50 percent can't correctly identify what is claimed to ...

Viewpoint: Vegetarian diet won’t help you slim down—only cutting calories can do that

Science 2.0 | 
A vegetarian diet can be healthy for you. Just like any diet. Even if you only eat salads or any ...
unnamed file

Viewpoint: Why the USDA should approve GMO disease-resistant chestnut trees

Science 2.0 | 
You may [have] heard “chestnuts on an open fire” at Christmas but they are a lot of rarer than they ...
Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed Beef

Viewpoint: Ideology, politics pollute the debate over health risks of red meat

Genetic Literacy Project | 
For decades there has been a statistical controversy about meat. By statistical I mean it was never a real health ...

Viewpoint: Germany’s pesticide use drops for 8th straight year, but anti-GMO groups say that’s not good enough

Science 2.0 | 
German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture data show that use of crop protection products, e.g. pesticides, went down last ...
hummingbird bee crisis

Viewpoint: ‘Bird apocalypse’? Study wrongly blames neonicotinoid pesticides for declining bird biodiversity

Science 2.0 | 
Though periodic deaths of bees continue to happen, and have been documented for as long as records of bees have ...

Viewpoint: While ‘elitist academics’ praise local food ‘industrial farming’ feeds us during a pandemic

Genetic Literacy Project | 
With the world COVID-19 pandemic in its sixth month, food activists are back to trumpeting locally grown, and even home ...
wheatfarmer lead

Viewpoint: Without modern, industrial farming, pandemic would have claimed many more lives

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In November of 2019 The Atlantic asked "experts" what they would change if they could go back in time. The ...
food additives x

Viewpoint: As COVID-19 boosts public trust in science, media promote myths about cancer and food

Science 2.0 | 
Thanks to COVID-19, the public has gotten a lot more skeptical about claims that chemicals, food, and medicine are corporate ...
money growing from the ground Newsletter

Viewpoint: ‘Fear profiteering’—organic activists, trial lawyers capitalize on coronavirus to make a buck

Science 2.0 | 
While 70 million Americans are under lockdown to contain spread of the 2019 form of coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, in order to ...
fda butterfly

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb suggests regulators may crack down on ‘confusing’ non-GMO labels

Science 2.0 | 
If FDA ever enforces its own rules, they could stop lots of nonsense labels on food, and recent comments by ...
organic sugar cane scam

Viewpoint: How organic, non-GMO marketing turned food labels into ‘wild west’ of deceptive advertising

Detroit News | 
Food labels these days are like the Wild West of dishonest advertising. Plant juice can be called milk, steak can ...

Viewpoint: Biologist Tyrone Hayes, author of suspect atrazine weed killer study, nominated for EPA’s Scientific Advisory Panel

Science 2.0 | 
Comments opened on the recent EPA nominations to serve on the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) .... The name at number ...
omag apple x

Viewpoint: Eat organic apples to improve gut health? There’s reason for skepticism

Science 2.0 | 
Yogurt marketing and supplement claims aside, there is no evidence that your body is impacted by probiotics unless you suffered ...
CHESTNUT articleLarge

Blight-tolerant American chestnut tree: Latest biotech solution to nature’s assault on valued species

Wall Street Journal | 
A blight-tolerant American chestnut tree is the latest example of what the science community has begun to call a GRO—a ...
csd blog iarc office

As IARC glyphosate-cancer finding draws more scrutiny, WHO rebukes agency for ‘undermining’ other UN chemical safety assessments

Science 2.0 | 
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was once a serious, revered organization with the somber task of tackling ...
money growing from the ground Newsletter

Viewpoint: Mainstream Arnold Foundation now major funder of fringe anti-GMO USRTK while Organic Consumers Association cuts support

Genetic Literacy Project | 
US Right To Know may now be too poisonous even for the Organic Consumers Association ...

Viewpoint: A closer look at Friends of the Earth’s study that found ‘toxic’ pesticides in food

Science 2.0 | 
Friends of the Earth....teased us in a media kit with the promise of a science study about finding various weedkillers ...
OMGJonathanVanNe HR

Are Smirnoff’s GMO-free vodka labels illegal?

Science 2.0 | 
Smirnoff, a vodka brand, has tried to place itself under a health halo by claiming it is not only gluten-free but ...
OrganicProduce e

Viewpoint: Organic food companies count on ‘consumer ignorance’ to sell their products

Detroit News | 
Consumers today have more food choices available than at any other time in human history .... but the terms and ...
non gmo

Viewpoint: Catering to anti-GMO activists is a losing business strategy

A few years ago .... Brent Smart, CEO of advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi's, headquartered in New York, who had managed their ...
iarc head office e x

Viewpoint: Organic industry allies ignore expert witness’s hypocrisy in Roundup weed killer trial

Chris Portier, Ph.D., an activist statistician who pushed to get the common herbicide ingredient glyphosate listed as a "hazard" for ...
Emmanuel Macron agricultural policy french farmers agricultural fair eu brexit

Viewpoint: Will France stand up for science in battle over glyphosate safety?

In 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron held fast with his environmental allies against science and declared they would ban the herbicide ...

Viewpoint: With new IARC director Elisabete Weiderpass, ‘the status quo has won’

With the term of controversial International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Director Christopher Wild thankfully at an end, speculation about ...
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